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EBANX grows reach in Colombia and partners with Nequi and Efecty

October 5, 2020

By integrating with EBANX, global merchants can access a variety of local payment methods from Colombia, and offer to their Colombian consumers the digital wallet Nequi and cash-based Efecty, besides local debit and credit cards, PSE and Vía Baloto

CURITIBA, BRAZIL, October 5, 2020 – EBANX, specialized in offering payment solutions from Latin America to global brands, grew its payment solutions portfolio in Colombia. The company has integrated with Colombian digital wallet Nequi and the cash-based payment method Efecty, adding these two options into its payment solutions suite for global merchants that sell cross-border to Colombia. Both integrations are part of the EBANX Product Series 20, a robust payment expansion package in Latin America comprising over 50 new initiatives. The series was first announced in September, at chapter one of EBANX's Latin America Summit.

By integrating with EBANX, international merchants can unlock a new customer base, being able to offer Nequi and Efecty to their Colombian consumers in addition to local debit and credit cards, Pagos Seguros en Línea (PSE) and Vía Baloto, which are also included in EBANX solutions. Making it easier for their consumers to purchase, reaching an e-commerce market that grew over 7.8% per week from March to July, according the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce.  

"Colombians are quickly adopting digital wallets as a way of paying online purchases, especially now with the new purchasing behaviors that are being designed during the pandemic. And cash payments have always been essential to reaching Colombian consumers," said Erika Daguani, B2B product director of EBANX. "Nequi and Efecty come to complement our array of solutions in the country. We are very happy to integrate these two important local payment methods because this means more access for Colombian consumers and for global brands wanting to seize Colombia's fast-growing market," she completed.  


EBANX is a global unicorn fintech company with Latin American DNA. It has operations in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Uruguay. The company was founded in 2012 to bridge the access gap between Latin Americans and international websites. Currently, EBANX offers over 100 Latin American local payment options to global merchants and has already helped over 70 million people to access global services and products, with over 1,000 merchants expanding to Latin America. AliExpress, Wish, Uber, Pipedrive, Airbnb, and Spotify (these two in a partnership with Worldline) are some of the companies that use EBANX solutions. In 2019, EBANX started to offer local payment processing solutions in Brazil through a new company, EBANX Pagamentos Ltda. In early 2020, the company entered the B2C world, with the launch of EBANX GO, a digital payments account with virtual and physical cards for Brazilian consumers. For more information, please visit https://business.ebanx.com/en/

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