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Retail marketplace

Having hybrid operations in Latin America became crucial for global retail marketplaces and EBANX allows you have multiple operational models.

Online Retail
Online Retail

A new era for the retail marketplaces in Latin America

Attracted by an unmet demand, global marketplaces are flocking to LatAm, adopting hybrid operations and competing with local retail titans. This new business operation is becoming more common in the Latin American online retail market, with domestic and global e-tailers going head to head and increasingly adopting hybrid strategies, attracting local and international vendors to offer the best range of products.

Payment Solution for Retail Marketplace

Retail marketplaces that trust EBANX
  • AliExpress
  • Wish
  • TradeInn
  • GearBest

EBANX solutions for Retail Marketplace


Local Payment Methods

Only 32%* of payment transactions are made with international credit cards in Latin America. Get higher conversion rates and reach more consumers by accepting local payments.


Fraud Prevention

Protect your business and be one step ahead fraudsters with a regionalized fraud solution focused on the Latin American environment.



Latin Americans have a strong preference to pay for their big-ticket purchases in monthly installments. Increase your average ticket size and your conversion rates by offering this method.


Optimized Refund System

Not every purchase is the perfect fit, and a refund is necessary. Count on an optimized system to manage the requested refunds and support your customers.

 SaaS& Cloud

Next-generation features that optimize SaaS & Cloud

Online Retail
Online Retail

The digital landscape is evolving in Latin America.

More people have access to the Internet, which is driving the growth of streaming, video, and audio services in the region. Brazil ranked 9th in the global SaaS market and 84% of Mexican companies are adopting cloud services.


Payment Solution for SaaS & Cloud

  • WordPress
  • Scribd
  • Pipedrive

EBANX solutions for SaaS & Cloud



Have an exclusive and the only B2B payment solution for high‑ticket SaaS sales (above USD 10,000) available in the market. Either for single or recurring payments, international transactions are processed fast and safely through an automated payment experience with local alternative payment methods



Relying on traditional payout systems can delay payments due to tax complexity, regulations, currency fluctuation, and other issues. With several payment methods available including bank transfers, digital wallets, and instant payments, our platform delivers a less bureaucratic and localized experience to your payees.



Scale your SaaS business a recurring solution which features local alternative payment methods and unified reconciliation in 14 growing economies, direct connections to all card issuers, tokenization, retry logic, acquirer redundancy, smart routing, automatic card updates, and trusted MID.

Online Gaming

Play with who knows the game and enable a frictionless payment experience to your gamers

Online Gaming
Online Gaming

Latin America's gaming market has never been so attractive


Latin America is currently the fastest growing gaming market in the world. Besides counting with more than 273.4 million players, it is expected to generate over USD $5.1 billion in revenue by 2024. The potential is real, and there are multiple countries with a lot of opportunities to be explored. 

Payment Solution for Online Gaming


Online Gaming Companies that trust EBANX
  • Playstation
  • xsolla
  • Paygol
  • Ubisoft

EBANX solutions for online gaming


Payouts to Gamers

Paying your gamers when they win a tournament, or a prize in any game event, can be much easier. Count on an intuitive payee onboarding and a seamless payout experience where your players can receive funds in up to 3 business days. Payments can done through different methods, such as digital wallets, bank transfers, and instant payments.


Anti-fraud and Risk Management

Count on a payments platform that provides industry-leading security systems and protocols while being in compliance with local regulations. You will also get access to smart safety features such as: device fingerprint, risk scoring, A/B testing, false-positive measuring, chargeback dispute and much more. 


Local and Digital Payment Methods

Have access to more than 100 payments to fulfill your players' payment preference. With EBANX, you can accept not only cards, but also offer your customers monthly installments and local alternative methods, such as instant payments, and digital wallets. Through real-time confirmation  and 24/7 transactions, your gamers don't lose time when paying while playing. 


Streaming Services

Reach your Latin American audience with a leading streaming service's payment solution in the region

Streaming Services
Streaming Services

Latin America is the apple's eye for the global streaming industry

Latin America is the second fastest growing streaming market in the world, ahead of Europe and North America. We are talking about a total of USD 5.8 billion in sales volume with expected 2020-2025 CAGR of 13.1%.

Payment Solution for Streaming Services
Streaming service that trust EBANX:
  • Deezer

EBANX Solutions for Streaming Services


Pay-ins for all streaming models

Whether your streaming business depends on recurring payments, pay-per-view, or has a freemium model, our pay-in solution is there to fulfill yours and your audience's payment needs. Go beyond credit cards and have access to more than 100 payment methods, while also being able to offer digital wallets, instant payments, debit cards, prepaid cards, installment payments, vouchers and much more.


Payouts to producers

Payout your suppliers and audio or content producers (e.g. freelance artists, musicians) quickly across different countries and currencies. There are several payment methods available including bank transfers, digital wallets and instant payments, so you can deliver a truly localized experience. All payouts are made in up to 3 business and have an intuitive payee onboarding process.


Anti-fraud and Risk Management

Your audience, your data, our duty to protect them. Our platform complies with all local regulations across different countries in LatAm. Minimize fraudulent free trial requests and other payment frauds by setting hard rules in a smart anti-fraud system, which includes device fingerprint, risk scoring, A/B testing, false-positive measuring, chargeback dispute and much more.

Travel & Tourism

Rely on benefits tailored specifically for the travel sector

Travel and Tourism
Travel and Tourism

Traveling is part of Latin American culture.

Exploring new places, cultivating different tastes, and having new experiences are habits that are deeply ingrained in their behavior. This is the turning point which makes travel a huge business opportunity in the region. In Brazil, almost 50% of travel purchases made by credit card are made with installments.

Travel companies that trust EBANX
  • Airbnb
  • Civitatis
  • Trip
  • Weplann
  • Hopper

EBANX solutions for travel and tourism 



Allow your customers to split the total amount into monthly increments, and make it easier for them to make higher average ticket purchases.



Pay your Brazilian suppliers and gig workers simply and securely, in the way they want to be paid.


Fixed Exchange Rate

Count on a 24h fixed exchange rate, and tax optimization.


Chargeback Dispute

Recover lost amounts trough professional chargeback dispute in Brazil.

Online Education

Online Education is in the spotlight in Latin America

Travel and Tourism
Travel and Tourism

In Latin America, there is a gap between what is offered by the educational system and the skills that are demanded by the market. That is what makes it an opportunity for international e-learning companies to easily thrive in LatAm. Consumers are looking for online options to enhance knowledge, huge corporations also look for foreign services to implement in the day-to-day of their employees.

Online Education companies that trust EBANX
  • Coursera
  • Udacity
  • Open English
  • Cambly

EBANX solutions for online education



Your consumers pay a worry-free monthly fee without having to re-enter payment information. Tokenization allows your e-learning to perform recurring payments.


Voucher Payment

Increase your customer base by allowing unbanked customers to buy your courses with voucher payments and pay for it in cash.



Allow your customers to subscribe to a long period tuition plan, and split the total amount into monthly installments, while you receive all at once.


Become a full-stack payment service provider in Latin America

PSP and Partners
PSP and Partners

EBANX partners with a variety of leading organizations to build a global community that facilitates access to the Latin American region, whether it is through payments, e-commerce, logistics, solution providers, and/or market intelligence.

Discover more about EBANX partnership program
PSPs and partners that trust EBANX
  • Emergent Payments
  • Worldline
  • Ant Financial
  • Paymentwall
  • UATP
  • Shopify

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