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We are a global company with Latin American DNA

EBANX is all about access. Making it possible for Latin Americans to access global products and services. Making it possible for global businesses to access all the consumer potential of Latin American markets.

In a practical way, EBANX does it through the offering of a full-service market entry solution: payment options, customer service expertise, marketing and business consultancy. So that digital commerce merchants all around the world can accept local payment methods from their Latin American consumers, and so that Latin American consumers can purchase what they want, from where they want, they way they want to.

But really, it's much more than that. It's about the know how we have. Our DNA is Latin American. We are headquartered in Latin America, with offices in the United States and Europe, and with a multinational global team – the ebankers. We deeply understand Latin America and how to connect the region and international businesses.

EBANX is global and local at the same time.


Changes in Brazil

EBANX emerges and revolutionizes the ecommerce market, making Boleto Bancário, a famous Brazilian payment method, available on international websites.


The first big merchant

AliExpress starts offering EBANX payment solutions for its Brazilian customers.


Expanding throughout Latin America

EBANX is already changing the way online consumers pay in five countries: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru.


Access for experiences

Airbnb starts offering EBANX solutions at checkout page. EBANX reaches the incredible milestone of 10 million consumers.


More global products and services

More than 100 websites in the world are using EBANX solutions. Among them, Wish and Spotify.


New country

EBANX starts operating in Argentina, making it possible for Argentinian online consumers to pay with local payment methods on international websites.


Expansion and investment

With Ecuador and Bolivia, EBANX operations reach eight countries worldwide, and over 40 million consumers. Also, the company raised a $30 million US dollars investment from the US-based growth equity investment firm FTV Capital.


Connecting businesses and consumers, globally and locally

EBANX is publicly listed as a payment provider of Shopify, one of the most important ecommerce platforms in the world. In April, EBANX announces its new business, for local payment processing in Brazil, so that Brazilian digital commerce merchants selling inside the country are able to use EBANX solutions.


Fast facts

  • 50Mcustomers

    Latin Americans purchasing on international websites

  • 1,000

    Among them, AliExpress, Pipedrive, Airbnb, and Spotify

  • +100payment methods

    Widely used by consumers in Latin American countries 

  • 8markets

    Operations in eight Latin American countries

  • +450 ebankers

    People working hard to create even more access

  • 9 offices worldwide

    In countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, the US, and UK

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