Mexican OXXO Payment Voucher

Accept Mexico's preferred voucher payment method.

Increase sales with OXXO, the most popular voucher payment method in Mexico with zero chargeback.

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Oxxo Voucher with Geolocation

OXXO: the national preference

OXXO is the most popular chain of convenience stores in Mexico. With the aim of facilitating payments in the country, they created the OXXO invoice, which is now widely used by Mexicans to pay for their utility bills and even online purchases, in cash, in more than 16,000 OXXO establishments in Mexico.

How OXXO payment works

Customer selects the cash voucher as method

Customer selects OXXO as payment method in checkout.

A barcode is generated for the customer

The voucher containing a barcode is generated for the customer to either print.

Customer pays it in cash in over 150k locations

Customer pays the OXXO in cash in over 16k locations.

The payment is confirmed in less than a day

Payment confirmation in one business day.

Only 39% of the Mexican population are banked


In a country with fear of fraud, voucher payment is king


Over 30%

of online payments in Mexico are made with voucher.

With a high unbanked population, Mexicans are used to pay with voucher for their purchases, even if they do have a checking account and a debit card. This habit repeats itself in online shopping, leading customers to look for e-stores that offer voucher payment methods.


The Boleta EBANX for OXXO is an optimized version of the OXXO invoice containing features to improve customers' experience and increase conversions.

Business Practices Boleta EBANX for OXXO Standard OXXO
Your company's name on the voucher, to increase trust among your customers    
Geolocation to show the customer the nearest location to pay the voucher    
Email reminders before the due date increase conversion rates    
Fraud team specialized in Latin American payments    
Not mandatory to print the voucher    

OXXO Responsive

EBANX improves mobile customers experience with a voucher 100% optimized for mobile devices, where only the essential payment details are shown, increasing the page loading speed and raising conversions.

EBANX Responsive OXXO for mobile devices

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