Mexico, one of the biggest markets in the world with an open economy

Mexico has the second-largest online population in Latin America. Boosted by increased internet penetration, the Mexican online market shows impressive growth rates.

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Companies succeeding in Mexico

Smartphones are driving the democratization of the internet in Mexico

  • 43%* of the e-commerce transactions in Mexico were made through a mobile device in 2019.

  • Mexico is a cash-based society and financial inclusion is still a challenge in the country as 65%* of adults don’t have a bank account.

  • Internet retailing sees the fastest growth representing 63%* of the online market in Mexico.

  • 67%* of Mexican online shoppers have made purchases from international e-commerce stores. Mexican consumers buy from these stores due to better prices and the lack of availability of some products in Mexico.

  • Due to confinement and distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexican e-commerce grew 81%* in 2020 compared to 2019.

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Mexico: Market & Payments

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Operate with a local partner that understands the Mexican market

EBANX solution fits any kind of operational model or combination in the Mexican market giving flexibility to your business to take full advantage of local payment processing, both with the international or domestic settlement, with or without local entities in the country. It also allows both international and domestic payout for your Mexican suppliers and partners. Choose and combine the solutions that best fit your company.

Operational models available with EBANX:

Local Payment Methods in Mexico

Like many Latin American countries, Mexico has a very specific financial system that directly influences how people pay for their purchases. Mexican consumers are used to paying with cash, and even those who have a card usually feel more comfortable paying with cash, simply out of habit.

E-commerce volume by payment methods share


Available with local payment processing.

Available with international payment processing.


Source: AMI datapack, 2020.

Payment methods and payment processing
  • Payment Methods

    Payment processing with

    international settlement

    Payment processing with

    domestic settlement

  • OXXO

    OXXO Payment Method

    OXXO is one of the most famous voucher payments in Mexico. People are used to going to convenience stores to pay bills, and also their vouchers for e-commerce purchases. Start to accept OXXO as a payment method and reach more consumers.

    domestic settlement Discover more about OXXO
  • OXXO Pay

    OXXO Pay

    The most known payment method in Mexico now with real-time confirmation.

    domestic settlement international settlementDiscover more about OXXO
  • Local Credit and Debit Cards

    MasterCard Visa AmericanExpress

    Access to financial services is still growing, and credit card penetration is on the rise in Mexico. Local acquiring can offer better approval rates in Mexico, and you can accept local debit cards.

    domestic settlement international settlement Discover more about Mexican cards
  • Credit Card Installments

    Installments Mexico

    With installments, consumers can split up purchases in 3, 6, 9, and 12 monthly payments depending on the price of the purchase. Offer installments to your Mexican customers and increase average ticket sizes.

    domestic settlement international settlement Discover more about Installments
  • SPEI

    Whenever a Mexican wants to make an interbank transfer, they need to use SPEI. The Mexican system for online banking transactions. Allow your customers to pay for their purchases with online bank transfers through SPEI.

    domestic settlement international settlement Discover more about SPEI
  • Digital Wallets


    The popularity of digital wallets is increasing in México, mostly due to the benefits offered by them, such as convenience, security, and simplicity to pay. Be ahead of the market and start to offer digital wallets on your e-commerce store.

    domestic settlement

    Discover more about Digital Wallets


Get the broadest reach with local payment methods

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Recurring Payments

Accept recurring payments in local currency in Mexico. Through tokenization, your website or application can perform recurring payments - without the need for consumers to input their card information every billing cycle. This means less abandoned carts or canceled subscriptions.

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Online Retail
Online Retail

Increase your customer base.

Reduce churn with automatic recurring billing.

Boost payment acceptance in a safe way.

Localized customer experience with payment transparency.


Pay your Mexican suppliers simply and securely, in the way they want to be paid. EBANX Payout offers all the support surrounding regulation, compliance, taxes, and local connections to make this payment process smooth for you and to your Mexican partners.

Payment of taxes and labor costs are not included in the payout solution.

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Pay your partners in compliance with local rules backed by the EBANX security systems and protocols.

Seamless experience for the merchant to send the money and for the payee to receive it.

Lock in the best exchange rate to send the money to the payee, at the time the payout is being created.

Merchants can send the payment regardless of which bank payees use.

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