Recurring payments

The support you need for recurring payments and subscriptions in local currencies across Latin America.

Grow your business and increase performance, revenue and customer retention through local technology and intelligence that supports your plans and business model.

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Recurring Payments
Recurring Payments

Increase your performance in recurring payments and subscriptions and quickly grow your business in Latin America

Offer recurring payments in the main Latin American markets with the right payment methods and full support for better performance. EBANX is ready to be integrated with your website, application or third party subscription management platform to charge your customers according to your business model.

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Subscription and recurring payments support

Regardless of your business model, EBANX supports any kind of recurrent payments combined with Latin America expertise, maximizing your approval rates.


Optimized sign up rates

Cultivate brand loyalty through a localized experience that clearly communicates purchase amounts in the local currency, billing dates, and terms and conditions.

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Less canceled subscriptions

Tokenized credit card payments save returning customers from inputting their card information every billing cycle, reducing abandonment rates and churn.

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Smart retry logic

By understanding the customer it is possible to map all purchase attempts in the life cycle, proposing the most optimal retry strategy.


Boosted payment acceptance

Acquire redundancy to optimize and increase payment approval rates, safeguarded by a localized fraud and risk management solution tailored to Latin America.

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Unified reconciliation for all countries

Sell in local currencies to 15 countries with more than 100 payment methods, and receive your funds in USD anywhere in the world.


Up-to-date documentation to simplify your integration

Our Developers Academy brings extensive documentation to assist your development team in making the most of our solution.

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Support team to help you whenever you need

We have a dedicated support team with deep Latin American market knowledge ready to answer your questions and make your implementation process seamless.

Robust security measures for freemium solutions

EBANX works with you to minimize the incidence of fraudulent free trial requests by setting hard rules to avoid undesired behavior main through:

  • Using parameters such as device fingerprinting, and enrollment date.

  • Validating the customer's personal data and their card information.

A payment platform that fits with any kind of recurrency or subscription model

Our solution accommodates diverse subscription models available in the market and supports the needs of each company.

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Time-Based recurrent payments

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually

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One-time payment

Charge for one time purchase

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Promotions and Trial Periods

Request payments with discounts

A payment platform that fits with any kind of recurrency or subscription model

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