We make integrations flexible and convenient

It is essential that payment solutions are properly integrated with your website. With this in mind, EBANX provides different types of integration, that is into all business models, from individuals and SMBs to large enterprises.

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        require 'ebanx'

Ebanx.tap do |e|
  e.integration_key = '000000'
  e.test_mode = true

response = Ebanx.do_request({
  name: "José Silva",
  email: "josesilva@example.com",
  country: "br",
  payment_type_code: "_all",
  merchant_payment_code: "88e8870aee4",
  currency_code: "BRL",
  amount: "100.00"

A range of options perfect for any budget and goal

EBANX allows you to accept Latin American payments using the solution that best fits your business model, being a large company or a non-technical and small businesses.


E-Commerce Platforms

Easy integration with the most popular ecommerce platforms. Install EBANX and start to sell.


EBANX Payment Page

A simple integration where you redirect your customers to our Payment Page and let us do the rest.

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For those who want a seamless integration and wish to control every detail of the payment flow.

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EBANX Payment by Link

Generate payment links manually and send them instantly to customers.

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Google Pay

Increase your conversions and also offer a seamless checkout experience for the user.

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Mobile Payments

The EBANX SDK was created to facilitate the creation of tokens and was developed for both Android and IOS platforms.

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EBANX Developers Academy

EBANX Developers Academy

From integration, settlement requests, transaction controls, and new solutions, EBANX Developers Academy offers you direct access to a growing number of APIs, tools, and support that can help you start building easier, faster and more secure ways to sell in Latin America.

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One integration, 8 countries. Expand your business to Latin America with EBANX.

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