Credit Cards Payments in Brazil

Boost your credit card approval rates in Brazil with local acquiring

Only 30% of credit cards issued in Brazil are able to make international purchases. With EBANX, you can accept all credit cards in the country, both domestic and international.

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Credit cards in Brazil
Credit cards in Brazil

Understand why an international payment solution is not enough for Brazil:

International Processing

Local Processing with EBANX

Only accept international credits, which are not so common in Latin America.

All cards are accepted, including domestic and international ones.

Usually requires permission from the issuer for international purchases.

No special permission required for any purchases.

Lower probability of payments being accepted due to lack of local consumer data.

Higher approval rates achieved by using local data intelligence to confirm the veracity of transactions.

Do not support payments with installments.

Support payments in up to 12 monthly-installments.

Installments in Brazil

Increase Average Order Value with payments in installments

Brazilian customers are used to paying for their credit card purchases in easy monthly installments without added interest.

EBANX local acquiring solution allows your Brazilian customers to divide the total amount of the order in up to 12 monthly installments, enabling them to purchase higher priced products in your store.

Credit card, the favorite online payment method in Brazil

Credit card is still the main payment option in Brazil. Yet, from over 300 million active credit cards in Brazil, one third is domestic-only, meaning that they can't make international purchases. Therefore, if your online store doesn't accept domestic cards, your approval rates among Brazilian customers are likely to be low.


of e-commerce purchases in Brazil were made using a credit card in 2017.

International Credit Card

By accepting cards with EBANX you


Increase Approval Rates

With local acquiring, your business has better approval rates.


Simplify purchases

Support recurring payments, via card tokenization, and pre-authorization.


Have a safe business

Rely on EBANX Shield, an advanced anti-fraud strategy, with no extra cost.

Accept 100% of the credit cards in Brazil through local acquiring

With local acquiring, the credit card approval rate increases significantly. Through partnership with the major Brazilian acquirers, EBANX allows your store to accept all of the card networks available on the Brazilian market, whether they are international or domestic.

Available for the following card schemes:

Master, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Elo, Hipercard
Detail of credit card

Enhance sales with EBANX outstanding features for credit cards


Billing Descriptor

Optimizated billing descriptor on the credit card statement to reduce chargebacks.



Keep your customer’s data safely stored using encryption (PCI-compliance) and allow one step checkout for future purchases.


Retry Logic

Advanced machine learning technology increases approval rates by minimizing failed payments.

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