EBANX Payout

Send international mass payments to Latin American suppliers in the way they want to be paid.

EBANX payout service is made for global companies overcome the local challenges in Latin America simply and securely by sending mass payments to Latin American suppliers and gig workers* in their currency, in any type of bank account, in the way they want to be paid: securely and simply.

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Everything you need to connect your business to Brazil, Mexico and Chile

Regulation, compliance, taxes, local connections. All of this and more is necessary to make the payment process smooth to both Merchants and Payees. And that is what EBANX Payout offers: an uncomplicated and secure way to make international payments to your Latin American partners.

Local in essence. Global in presence. Expertise in payments

EBANX is a leading global fintech company with Latin American DNA. EBANX Payout is a part of EBANX's comprehensive solution to help global companies to expand to Latin America.

  • Over 50 millions Latin Americans

  • Working with global merchants

  • More than 700k refund payout expertise every-month

  • Risk Management

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Compliance & Regulation

How does it work?

With EBANX Payout, merchants can send payments to Latin American suppliers and independent contractors using their EBANX payment processing funds*.


Merchant access EBANX Dashboard, where they can view and manage all transaction details, or API.


Select the amount from their payment processing balance within EBANX.


Request single or mass payouts via EBANX Dashboard or API.


Check the transaction status at any time.


Money is transferred within 3 days to the payee’s account.

How EBANX payout can be useful to expand global business to Latin America

EBANX  PAyout Payees


Secure to Receive

Payee receives international payments in compliance with local rules and regulations backed by EBANX industry-leading security certification.

All Local Banks

Payee can receive the payment regardless of which bank they use in Mexico, Brazil or Chile.

No Extra Costs

Payees receive in their bank accounts the exact amount shown in the payout request.

Self-made by Payee Coming Soon

Payees can create and manage their own accounts so the merchant can make a direct payout without needing to register the payee's information.

Speed On Receive

Payments are processed in 3 business days once submitted.

Local Customer Service

Best support in local languages from many different channels.

Friendly Interface for Payee

Seamless experience for both those that send the money and for those that receive it.

EBANX Headquarter Curitiba Brazil


Secure to Pay

Pay Latin American local partners in compliance with
local rules and regulations backed by EBANX industry-
leading security systems and protocols.

Easy To Pay

Complete the process in just a few clicks, with no hidden

Friendly Interface for Merchants

Seamless experience for the merchant to send the money and for the payee to receive it.

All Brazilians Banks

Merchants can send the payment regardless of which
bank payees use in Mexico, Brazil or Chile.

Exchange Rate Control

Merchants can lock in the best exchange rate to send the money to the payee, at the time the payout is being
created, from USD to BRL, MXP or CLP.

Local Know-How

With EBANX Payout you can start hiring local partners to help your business thrive in Latin America.

Who can be paid?

The solution is available for the payment of entities (service providers and partners) and independent contractors (vendors and gig workers) in Brazil.


Cross-border payment to


Service Providers and Partners


Vendors and Gig Workers

Start paying your Latin American suppliers with EBANX Payout.

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