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Brazil Payment Methods

EBANX Boleto
Cash Payment

Cash payments are necessary to reach the entire Brazilian population. With the EBANX Boleto, an exclusive version of the standard boleto bancário, you can offer cash payments and improve conversion rates.

of Brazilians do not have a bank account.
of Brazilians did not use their credit in all of 2014.

Learn more about Boleto EBANX

Boleto EBANX is a document generated by EBANX to facilitate purchases. Boleto is such a popular and simple type of payment that Brazilians use it to pay their monthly bills, such as rent, utilities taxes and fees.

The Boleto EBANX is a great alternative for Brazilians who don’t have a credit card, or prefer not to use one for their online purchases. It can be paid via internet banking, mobile or in cash at banks, lottery agencies (more than 14,000 in Brazil) and even supermarkets.

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Confirmationwithin 24 hours of payment.*
Expiration Date:3 days.
Low risk:Low risk of fraud. Zero chargebacks.
Refund Process:exclusive and practical.
* Payments made on the weekends are confirmed the following Tuesday.

How does it work?

Boleto EBANX is a printable payment voucher, that can be received via email. After receiving the Boleto, the user has up to 3 days to make their payment. The Boleto is generated in Reais (BRL) and EBANX guarantees that merchants receive that amount, even if the exchange rate varies.

The consumer chooses EBANX Boleto as the form of payment during checkout.


EBANX issues a unique voucher for this purchase: the EBANX Boleto.


The consumer has up to 3 days to pay their EBANX Boleto in any bank, lottery agency, supermarket or using online banking.

Reach new consumers, offer the EBANX Boleto.

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