Boleto Bancario in Brazil

Sell more in Brazil with the Boleto Bancário

Many Brazilians are still unbanked or do not trust giving their card information online. The only way to reach this part of the population is by accepting voucher payment methods on your website.

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Boleto in Brazil
Boleto in Brazil
Latin American pay with cash vouchers

The Boleto and the way Brazilians pay

The Boleto Bancário is an official payment method regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil, this printable voucher bancario is used by Brazilians to pay for their monthly bills, such as water and energy, or even taxes or fines, and has become one of the preferred payment options for online purchases in Brazil.

The Boleto Bancário in Brazil can be used in two ways. When the consumer receives the voucher at checkout he can print it and pay in cash at more than 200K payment locations or it can be paid electronically through internet banking. International companies that want to offer Boleto Bancário need to have a local partner to intermediate the payment processing with local players such as banks and acquirers.

How the Boleto works

Customer selects the cash voucher as method

The customer selects the Boleto Bancário as a payment method in checkout.

A barcode is generated for the customer

A voucher with a barcode is generated for the customer to either print, copy the barcode number or scan it with their phone.

Customer pays it in cash in over 200k locations

The customer pays it in cash in over 200K locations, through internet banking or via the bank's mobile app.

The payment is confirmed in less than a day

Payment confirmation in one business day.

Around 30% of all  e‑commerce purchases are made with the Boleto Bancario

Around 30% of all ecommerce purchases are made with Boleto Bancario


2/3 of Brazilians who use Boleto for shopping online have bank accounts. this means that Boleto is the preferred option even for those with other payment alternatives.
An average of 50 million Boletos are issued nationwide every month

EBANX Boleto

The EBANX Boleto is an exclusive version of the standard Boleto Bancário with features created to help merchants increase conversions.

Business Practices EBANX Boleto Standard Boleto
Scannable and copyable barcode number, so the customer can easily paste the number on their internet banking or open it directly on their banks' app.    
Your company's name on the voucher, to increase trust among your customers.    
It can be confirmed instantly though EBANX Instant Pay    
Email reminders before the due date increase conversion rates    
SMS reminders sent to customers for higher ticket purchases    

Voucher Payment Method in Brazil (Boleto Bancário) is only available for retail Merchants or Merchants who offer any kind of physical goods. But don't worry, if your business is focused on Digital Goods or Services, EBANX can offer other local payment methods instead of Boleto in the country. Know more about Local Cards and Online Alternatives.

Benefits of accepting Boleto Bancário

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