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A local ambassador of your brand in Latin America

EBANX connects enterprise companies to Latin American consumers. It's our mission to provide the best services for the merchants and for the shoppers as well. Our team of over 70 people is constantly working to support the consumers in their local language and in different channels, ensuring a great purchase experience.

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Your customers deserve not only payment solutions, but great experiences

When doing business in Latin America, understanding the consumers and being able to communicate with them can be a challenge for international brands.

A large part of the population only speaks Spanish or Portuguese, in Brazil for example only 5% of the population speaks English. Therefore their fear when shopping online from international Websites increases, once they are afraid of not being able to contact the merchant after the purchase.

International purchases are a path built on trust. The Beyond Borders Research 2019, conducted by EBANX, mapped the behavior of Brazilians in relation to shopping in foreign websites. The study identified that for 54% of respondents, the trust in international e-commerce stores is closely related to language. They say they are not comfortable with shopping on an international website that is not in Brazilian Portuguese.

With this in mind, EBANX supports your customers in their local language to provide the best attendance while you focus on your business. You can count on us to solve any problem or doubt the consumer may have along their journey.

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EBANX Consumer Satisfaction

Guarantee excellent consumer satisfaction and encourage new purchases

We are Latin Americans who understand the region's culture and consumer behavior. Therefore our customer service team is able to deal with all the requests and doubts that the clients may have, so they can feel safe and confident to keep buying from our merchants.

  • +70

    people working to make your customer's experience even better.

  • 70%

    of the customer support is via live chat, in real-time.

  • 93%

    of customer satisfaction.

Help Center

A platform to answer to the end-user needs, offering self-service solutions to improve customer care quality. Through EBANX Help Center the consumers can find all the information about their purchases including payments, product tracking, reimbursement, and more. Through technical analysis and understanding of how consumers use search engines, we can help your company become visible to your local target audience.

Discover EBANX Help Center

EBANX Help Center

Pre-service filter within the chat

The user selects the topic of their doubt and gets access to a summarized content with the main information to clarify that specific problem.


Automatically refund flow

In this journey, the consumer can make all the refund process by themselves through the chat service. With the document number and the purchase amount, the user can view available refunds, check the status of refunds approved waiting for bank details, or refunds paid.

  • Help Center absorbs more than 90% of the customer's doubts.

  • Only 9% of consumers prefer to contact an agent.

Other features to provide a seamless payment experience


Payment email confirmation

After the payment has been confirmed we automatically send an email to the consumer with all the details and information about the purchase.


Voucher sent by email

When your customer chooses a voucher as the payment method, they will automatically receive an email with the voucher that can be paid in cash or through online banking.


Email reminder

Since the voucher payment confirmation isn't in real-time we send a reminder one day after the customer received the voucher.


Billing descriptor

In order to avoid chargebacks and reinforce trust, we put the merchant's name on the credit card statement to make it easier for the shopper to recognize the purchase.


Seamless payment experience

Our payment solution prioritizes the UX to ensure that the consumer has the best purchase and payment experience.

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