A Payment Gateway designed for the Brazilian market

EBANX offers the best solutions as a payment gateway provider in Brazil in order to connect online stores from all over the world to Latin american customers. In just a few steps you can start offering local payment methods in Brazil and other latin american countries.

The turn key solution to sell online in Brazil

Get access to all that you need to develop business in this potential market from payment processing, partner connection, market expertise, localization consulting, risk management, fraud prevention, compliance & regulation.


A solution that fits your business model

  • Full cross-border

    For global companies that make cross-border transactions and sell online in Latin America.

  • Cross-border with a local office

    For global companies that sell online in Latin America and also have an office in the region.

  • Full local

    For Brazilian companies that want to sell online in Brazil.


Accept local payment methods with a payment gateway platform

Offer Brazilian customers different online payment options and make it easier for them to shop on your website.

  • Boleto Bancário

    Brazilian shoppers often pay for their offline and online purchases with Boleto Bancário*, a voucher that can be paid in more than 200 thousand establishments in cash or through online banking.

    *Please note that Voucher Payment in Brazil is only available for retail merchants or merchants who offer any type of physical goods.

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  • Credit Cards

    Despite the dominance of global issuers, not all Brazilian cards are enabled to make international purchases. With EBANX local processing, you will be able to accept all domestic and international cards and expand your reach in the region.

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  • Local Debit Cards

    In Brazil, debit cards have always been one of the most popular ways to pay for shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, and know this behavior is migrating very fast to online shopping. Reach a new customer base by oferring this famous payment method.

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  • Online Alternative Payments

    There are two famous alternative methods in Brazil: Online Debit and Bank Transfer. Both alternatives are chargeback-free options. Also, a new payment solution called PIX has been launched and are already becoming very popular.

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  • Installments

    Brazilians love to pay for their purchases, splitting-up the payment in up to 12 monthly installments. EBANX enables your customers to use interest-free installments, and allows you to receive the payment funds all at once.

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  • Digital Wallets

    Digital wallet is an accessible and practical payment option and is becoming a popular payment option in Brazil. Be ahead of the market and start to offer digital wallets on your e-commerce store.

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EBANX has the industry-leading security certifications:

Easy and fast integration

  • Step by step integration

    Our robust platform is simple to set up, allowing our merchants to quickly and easily integrate and start managing and grow their businesses.

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  • Developers Academy

    A documentation platform where you can find API reference, content guides, videos, and all you need to integrate easily to our state of the art payments platform.

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  • Partners

    EBANX connects with multiples organizations to facilitate access to Latin America.

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Ready to succeed in Brazil with a localized payment gateway?