Brazilian Market

More than 30 million Brazilian shoppers already bought from international sites with EBANX

It's time to conquer the largest online market in Latin America and become the first mover in the region.

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Brazilian Markets

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Brazilian Markets

What you should know about Brazilian Market


The country's official currency is the Brazilian Real.


of all online purchases are made with local payment methods.


of all credit card transactions in Brazil are made with installments.

Make your business grow in the country that processed more than USD 12 billion in ecommerce in 2017


Expand your business without leaving your office

Sell to your customers in BRL and receive settlement in USD.


Local Card Processing with Installments

Only 19% of transactions in e-commerce are made with international credit cards. EBANX gives you access to all of the market.


Customer Services 24/7 in Portuguese

Less than 3% of Brazilians speak fluent english. Our portuguese-speaking customer service team helps your customers have a better experience.

Installments, a part of the Brazilian culture

Brazilians are used to pay for their purchases splitting-up the payment in up to 12 monthly-installments. With EBANX, you can offer your customers interest-free installments and receive the payment money all at once.

Reach 100% of Brazilian Online Shoppers with Local Payment Methods

Offer Brazilian customers different online payment options and increase your sales!

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