Brazil, the largest
e-commerce market in Latin America

Brazil is a strategic player in the global market and the most influential country in Latin America.The Brazilian online market is far from saturation, as it’s expected to grow 30% per year through 2025.

Companies suceeding in Brazil:

Financial inclusion and increased connectivity have made Brazil stand out in the e-commerce market

  • Brazil has the largest online population in Latin America, with 51%* owning a smartphone and 152M* people connected to the internet. 

  • Today, Brazil is the largest Fintech hub in Latin America, which is driven by strong growth in the digital banking segments. People now have more access to financial services due to the fintech boom.

  • There are about 16.3M* unbanked Brazilians. This part of the population moves nearly USD 70B* of the country’s economy per year.

  • Brazilian e-commerce has gained 4M* new customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The desire for new trending products or services that are not commonly found in Brazil makes Brazilian consumers fans of international brands.

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Brazil: Market & Payments

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Get the most out of the Brazilian market with a local payment solution

EBANX solution fits any kind of operational model or combination in the Brazilian market giving flexibility to your business to take full advantage of local payment processing, both with the international or domestic settlement, with or without local entities in the country. It also allows both international and domestic payout for your Brazilian suppliers and partners. Choose and combine the solutions that best fit your company.

Operational models available with EBANX:

Local Payment Methods in Brazil

Although credit cards are becoming more common among Brazilian online shoppers, alternative payments are still widely used. With a local payment strategy, you bring your business closer to the customers by giving them the payment methods that they are familiar with.

E-commerce volume by payment methods share


Available with local payment processing.

Available with international payment processing.


Source: AMI datapack, 2020.

Payment methods and payment processing
  • Payment Methods

    Payment processing with

    international settlement

    Payment processing with

    domestic settlement

  • Boleto Bancário

    Boleto EBANX Instant Boleto

    Brazil has a cash-centric culture, and Boleto has been historically used by the Brazilian population to pay for monthly bills, taxes, and also e-commerce purchases. Reach the unbanked population and also those whose preference is Boleto out of habit.

    domestic settlement international settlement Discover more about Boleto Bancário
  • Local Credit Cards

    MasterCard Visa AmericanExpress DinersClub Elo Hipercard

    The usage of credit cards has been growing. Although, internationally-enabled credit cards make up only 24% of e-commerce transactions. Start to accept both international and domestic cards and increase your conversions.

    domestic settlement international settlement Discover more about Credit Cards
  • Local Debit Cards

    MasterCard Visa Elo

    A debit card is a common payment method in Brazil. Today, there are 116M active debit cards in the country, with 664B reais spent with this method in 2019. Accept debit cards to reach a new consumer base and optimize your revenue in Brazil.

    domestic settlement international settlement Discover more about Debit Cards
  • Installments

    Brazilians have the habit of splitting the total amount of a purchase made with a credit card in up to 12 monthly payments. Allow your customers to make higher-value purchases and increase your average ticket size.

    domestic settlement international settlement Discover more about Installments
  • PIX (Instant Payment)


    The instant payment system created by the Central Bank of Brazil is changing the market by performing transfers and payments, in a few seconds, at any time of the day - including weekends and holidays - in a safe and practical way.

    domestic settlement international settlement

    Discover more about PIX

  • Digital Wallets

    MercadoPago PayPal

    The popularity of digital wallets is increasing in Brazil, mostly due to the benefits offered by them, such as convenience, security, and simplicity to pay. Be ahead of the market and start to offer digital wallets on your e-commerce store.

    international settlement

    Discover more about digital wallets

  • Other Alternative Payments

    Bank Transfer Online Debit

    Brazil has several ways to pay online beyond credit cards. Bank Transfer and Online Debit are two effective payment options. Allow consumers to use their usual bank account to make an instant payment without the risk of chargeback for you.

    international settlement

    Discover more about Bank Transfer

    Discover more about Online Debit


Get the broadest reach with local payment methods

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Recurring Payments

More people have access to the Internet, which is driving the growth of streaming, video, and audio services in Brazil. Accept recurring payments in local currency and optimize your revenue.

Tokenization allows your website or application to perform recurring payments - without the need for consumers to input their card information every billing cycle. Our payment solution is tailored for Latin America and accommodates diverse subscription models available in the market to support the needs of your company.

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Online Retail
Online Retail

Increase your customer base.

Reduce churn with automatic recurring billing.

Boost payment acceptance in a safe way.

Localized customer experience with payment transparency.


Pay Brazilian suppliers and gig workers simply and securely, in the way they want to be paid. EBANX Payout manages regulation, compliance, taxes, and local connections to make this payment process smooth for you and to your Brazilian partners.

Payment of taxes and labor costs are not included in the payout solution.

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Pay your Brazilian local suppliers in compliance with local rules and regulations.

A seamless experience for you to send the money and for your payee to receive it.

Your local partner receives their payment in up to 3 business days.

You can choose the best exchange rate to send the money to your peer between USD and BRL.

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