Payments in Brazil and Brazilian Market

Brazil: the world's ninth-largest economy by nominal GDP

Latin America's largest market is increasingly open to international merchants. Sectors such as tourism grow an average of 13% per year and reach a GDP of 163B in USD.

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payments in brazil

  Brazilian Market Insights


The country's official currency is the Brazilian Real.


of all credit card transactions in Brazil are made in installments.


Largest market for Shopify

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Brazil: Market & Payments

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Why consider Brazil in your expansion plan?


A technology-driven environment

In 2018, 6 unicorn companies were born in Brazil and the country reached the number of 10K Startups. This scenario shows great opportunities for international merchants, especially the ones focused on the SaaS market.


Connected consumers

Brazilians spend more than 9 hours per day connected – this RATE is among the highest in the world

An expanding search for foreign brands

The habit of buying and hiring international services HAS INCREASED among Brazilians. AliExpress, for example, is the 3rd largest e-commerce in terms of purchases and brand awareness in the country and
the usage of audio streaming apps is above the 
global average (77% x 61%)


Customer Services 24/7 in Portuguese

Our portuguese-speaking customer services team helps your customers have a better payment experience.

Increase sales in Brazil with installments

Brazilians are used to paying for their purchases by splitting up the total amount in up to 12 monthly installments. EBANX enables your customers to use interest-free installments, allowing you to receive the payment money all at once.

Brazilians are used to pay in with installments

Reach more Brazilian Online Shoppers with Local Payment Methods

Offer Brazilian customers different online payment options and make it easier for them to shop from your website.

Ready to start selling in Brazil with local payment methods?

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