Peruvian Market

56% of Peruvians have internet access and this number is increasing by 10% every year

Start offering cash payments methods in the country and sell to Peruvian customers!

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Conquer the largest online market in Latin America!

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Conquer the largest online market in Latin America!

What you should know about Peruvian Market


The country's official currency is the Nuevo Sol Peruano.


of the adult population is unbanked.

3.7 Million

online shoppers.

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The number of online shoppers are getting bigger year per year in the country. Start selling to your customers in PEN and receive settlement in USD.


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Customer Services 24/7 in Spanish

Our spanish-speaking customer services team helps your customers have a better payment experience.

They want to buy online, but they want to pay in cash!

Even with the growth of banked Peruvians, 45% of them still opt for payment in cash for online purchases.


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