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Our history

Since our founding in 2012, our aim is to make the world an explorable place for Latin Americans, and Latin America a possible region for international companies to enter. By offering local payment methods in 8 different countries across LatAm we are conquering these desire day after day and already helped over 1000 merchants expand their business into the region and over 50 million Latin Americans to access global services and products.

Go Global. Think Local.

Both our DNA and location in LatAm afford us a geographic advantage when it comes to keeping up with the newest trends, preferences, and technologies in the region. Although we understand the importance of local knowledge, as a global business we also embrace and operate in a multicultural world and strive to understand and serve every possible merchant who wants to sell to Latin America.

Alphonse Voigt, Wagner Ruiz and Joao Del Valle at EBANX HQ
Alphonse Voigt (CEO), Wagner Ruiz (CFO) and João Del Valle (COO)

from left to right

3 Dreamers.
One big dream.

When Alphonse Voigt got united with Wagner Ruiz and João Del Valle to discuss the idea of starting EBANX, he was already sure about the company’s success. The true belief they had in the idea and power of their project was enough for those three partners to start a business that would completely change the way Latin Americans were used to buy.

A trajectory full of milestones

Our milestones and accomplishments characterize our company’s journey: from Latin America, where we were born, to the lives of millions around the world. We are proud to say that this story is far from over.



EBANX emerges and revolutionizes the ecommerce market, making Boleto Bancário, a famous Brazilian payment method, available on international websites.



AliExpress starts offering EBANX payment solutions for its Brazilian customers.



EBANX is already changing the way online consumers pay in five countries: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru.



Airbnb starts offering EBANX solutions at checkout. EBANX reaches the incredible number of 10 million end-users.



More than 100 websites in the world are using EBANX solutions. Among them Wish and Spotify.



EBANX starts operating in Argentina, making it possible for Argentinian online consumers to pay with local payment methods on international websites.



With Ecuador and Bolivia, EBANX reaches eight countries worldwide and 50 million end-users. Also, we raised a $ 30 million US dollars investment from the US-based growth equity investment from FTV Capital.



With a disruptive and growth mindset, EBANX became the new Latin American unicorn and achieve the valuation of $1 billion.

Dominique Antunes

Accounting Analyst

We call ourselves ebankers

A mix of excellence, creativity, and innovation, this is EBANX’s main essence. We count on a team of over 700 people, who are passionate about what they do, motivated by the purpose we share, and capable of doing whatever it takes to get better results.

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Local in essence. Global in presence.

We were born in Latin America and we strengthened our bases in the region, but we also understood the importance of being multicultural, so we went further.

By extending our physical presence to other regions of the world, we get closer contact with companies and their cultures and enable ourselves to develop products and solutions that are even more customized for each market.

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  • Curitiba


    EBANX Headquarters

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One integration, 8 countries. Expand your business to Latin America with EBANX.

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