EBANX Shield:
Our global full fraud prevention strategy

To be always one step ahead of fraudsters, EBANX developed a robust fraud prevention strategy focused on the Latin America environment.

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A shield against fraud at no additional cost

Fraud is a fact of life and every business is exposed to it. In light of this fact, EBANX provides a full risk platform and services.

With EBANX Shield merchants can count on many features, technologies, and people to provide more security to their business:

  •  Four layers of protection
  •  Expertise from LatAm market
  •  Agnostic risk scoring
  •  Internal knowledge base
  •  Fine-tuned balance on approval & protection
  •  No need for additional provider

We make it through four pillars


Business Rules

Real-time hard declines avoiding undesirable behavior, mitigating money laundering, card testing, and moral hazard.

  • Buyer's minimum age.
  • Taxpayer registry identification validation.
  • Maximum monthly spent.

Transactional Scoring

Fraudulent pattern identification and real-time blockage.

  • Device fingerprint at EBANX Checkout.
  • Learning curve with historical and offline databases.

Machine Learning

Daily follow up, fastening the learning curve of new fraud modus operandis.

  • False Positive and False Negative responses.
  • Anti-fraud decline rate x Approval rate.
  • Chargeback and Fraud files.


Key Risk Indicators Oversight for continuous improvement, developing a sense of proactive protection.

  • Identify proactively any new trend.
  • A balance between Chargeback/Fraud and Approval rate.
  • Chargeback prevention based on customer experience.
Dominique Antunes

ebanker since February 19, 2018

How does EBANX Shield works?

We use ourselves to our own improvement

EBANX was born in Latin America and it is your best partner when it comes to understand your customers and solve their doubts and problems. Count on a team that truly understands your end-user.

  • Call-back sessions

    Contacting end-users for quality checks.

  • Information

    Use of different credit bureaus information.

  • POI and POA (1) Analysis

    Second level of investigation with POI and POA (1) analysis.

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