Among all, why Latin America?

Among all, why Latin America?

We bring you into a new perspective in one of the world's fastest-growing region.

There are an estimated 1.3 M ecommerce companies in North America, against 750K in LatAm. Instead of expanding to saturated markets and having to compete with many local and global competitors, merchants can enter emerging markets and reap the benefits of being a first- mover.

Latin Americans are willing to spend and seeking new purchase options. By adding local preferences to your strategy, you not only build a positive image but create a base of loyal customers.

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What is behind Latin America


Home for 600 million people

Spanish and Portuguese

as the main languages


of annual growth in ecommerce market


of internet penetration

Who already succeed in the region with EBANX

  • Spotify
  • Airbnb
  • AliExpress
  • Udacity
  • Wish
  • Gearbest
  • Wordpress, by Automattic
  • Farfetch

"EBANX is a local partner in which we can always trust. Since 2014 we have been working together to provide the best services to our global merchants such as Airbnb and Spotify. It is a pleasure to partner with them to support us and our clients in our continuous growth in Brazil and across Latin America."

Thais Fischberg, Head of LatAm Online Payment Acceptance at Worldline Global
Thais Fischberg

Head of LatAm Online Payment Acceptance at Worldline Global

Where to expand in Latin America?

With continuing improvements to regulations and infrastructure, financial access, mobile adoption, and internet penetration, Latin America's countries hold many opportunities for ecommerce business.



The leading country in online market growth

Not only in terms of territory and population, but Brazil is also the leading country in online market growth and represents 40% of LatAm ecommerce sales.

    • 48% who shop online will attempt to use locally issued cards that cannot process foreign currencies; consequently, their transaction will be declined.
    • More than 36 million Brazilian online shoppers already bought from international sites with EBANX.
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The next ecommerce leader

With a young mobile-savvy population and free trade agreements that facilitate the entry of international products into the country, Mexico is also home to 23 million online Shoppers and has an online retail revenue expected to reach $ 6.7 billion by 2019.

  • 53% of total ecommerce volume is generated by local debit cards and cash payments.
  • 65% of the population remains unbanked.
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The population that looks for new purchase options

With an average consumption 41% higher than the rest of the population in Latin America, Argentinians are a middle- class majority society searching for new purchase options.

  • 35 million connected customers.
  • 50% of ecommerce growth per year.
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How do Latin Americans pay?

Cards are not the only way Latin Americans pay for their online transactions. In fact, they are used to pay for day-to-day expenses through bank transfers, cash vouchers, and local cards, and that is how they want to pay for their online services and goods as well.

Therefore, whether you’re looking to expand your current Latin America business – or enter the region for the first time – offer local payment methods is the key to success.

How they consume each kind of product?

Latin Americans, in general, have different consumption habits than the rest of the world, but they also consume differently among each kind of sector or niche market. Their preferences can change depending on what type of product or service they are buying.

That is why companies must not only identify their target demographics but also shape their marketing strategy for their specific industry, and that’s EBANX’s main goal when combining knowledge with experience: tailor our service to meet the key needs of your sector in LatAm.

Increase sales in Latin America with EBANX.

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