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Payments for Online Games industry in Latin America

EBANX understands the difference between each market sector and so we adapt our solutions to them.

  • Count on an anti-fraud system and keep the balance between protection and acceptance.
  • Attract gamers that don’t have a bank account yet or an international credit card.
  • Stop breaking the gaming experience with long and complex checkouts and make payments easier with credit card recurring schedule. 
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We attend your Business Model

  • Microtransactions
  • In-game Currencies and Items
  • Expiration Services
  • Random Chance Purchase

Online Games Industry inside Latin America

Latin America is the second largest market in terms of users and buyers in the industry, surpassed only by Southeast Asia. The leaders in the region are Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

However, it is not just the online games industry that grows. The online game player’s demand grows as well, since offering a quick and easy payment experience is becoming almost mandatory to be competitive in the sector.


is the annual growth of the Online Game Industry in Latin America.

110 million

online game players around Latin America.

Brazil, Mexico and Argentina

make up for more than $ 3 billion US dollars in annual revenue on Online Game Sector.

Digital Goods Companies who trust on EBANX

  • Xsolla
  • Paygol

Why do Latin American players spend money in Online Games?


Reason 01

Full Experience

Latin American gamers are willing to spend money unblocking levels just to have the full experience of the game.


Reason 02


In order to have access to the best features, Latin Americans choose between different paid plans, including annual subscriptions


Reason 03

Access to Benefits

They pay for DLCs (downloadable content) that offers extra contents which can be used to make their experience more complete.

Payment Solutions for Online Gaming to be more profitable

EBANX Payment Solutions for Online Games Companies


Card tokenization allows you to charge a customer's credit card on a prearranged, recurring schedule.

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Anti-fraud and Risk

Our technology is well-equipped to maintain the balance between acceptance and protection.

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Card on File

One-click payment enables faster payments and provides higher conversion rates.

Simple or customized.
You choose your integration.

EBANX offers a proactive and seamless Integration Process, for every type of business that ranges from No Code to Direct API.

Eight different countries.
Many Payment Experiences.

Understand the market of each country in Latin America and fit your business to their specific needs.

Sell to Latin America by offering their favorite payment methods
Voucher Payments Credit and Debit Cards Online Alternative Payments

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