Uplift your approval and authorization rates with local acquiring

Through one single integration with EBANX, you get a connection with local acquirers in 15 Latin American countries and benefit from higher authorization rates, faster and unified settlement. Process payments as a local without headaches, as we take care of everything for your business.

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Local acquiring - a key factor to improve cards performance in Latin America

International companies that want to process credit card transactions in Latin American countries can make this process feasible through international or local acquirers. However, most of the cards in Latin America are domestic linked to local schemes and not enabled for international purchases. Therefore if you accept only international cards linked to global schemes and international acquirers your reach will be limited to a small portion of the population.

Besides the increase in the addressable market, there is a huge gain in terms of approval rates in switching from international to local acquiring. In general, approval rates for a merchant using only international acquirers can be in the range of 30% to 50%. When the transaction goes to the issuer bank it won’t be recognized as a local one, and the issuer will not know the merchant or the customer information, being more likely to decline the transaction. On the other hand, when processing with a local partner, the local acquirer and issuing bank knows more about the merchant and the consumer. So, the risk rules are considered “less strict”, and the merchant can have an approval rate in the range of 70% to 90%.

EBANX acts as a payment facilitator, processing the transactions on behalf of the Merchant. The whole process is done locally, you can accept both international and domestic cards, your customers pay in their local currency and you receive your funds anywhere in the world. Start accepting and reconciling payments in Latin America with minimum fuss.

  • Regionalized fraud and risk management

    Regionalized fraud and risk management

    Fraud is a fact of life and every business is exposed to it. Born in Latin America, EBANX is fueled with quality data on local customer behavior and nurtures close relationships with local players from the payment industry. Understanding the Latin American market and the consumers is essential to balance the protection of your business with optimal payment performance. Our robust fraud prevention strategy offers merchants a continued risk assessment with top-notch features, technology, and professionals, ensuring business security in Latin America.

  • Benefits for you and for your customers

    Benefits for you and for your customers

    In Brazil, when consumers make international purchases with a credit card, they need to pay the IOF (Tax on Financial Operations) tax charged by the government on financial operations. This tax is of 6,38% for international credit and debit cards. However, the IOF changes according to the exchange operation that is performed. With EBANX the IOF is much smaller due to the characteristics of our operation, ensuring better prices for the customer.

Local acquiring with EBANX x International acquiring

Local acquiring

  • International and domestic card schemes

  • Transaction fee + FX

  • Secure transactions with regionalized risk management.

  • Best performance in payments with a direct connection to banks and local acquirers, Companies can reach the Total Available market by offering all local payment methods

  • Customer will have a local payment experience, purchasing as it would in  a local e-commerce

  • Installments and recurring billing available

  • Users can see the price in local currency or international. They will always pay in their local currency

International acquiring

  • International schemes only

  • Interchange fee + International acquirer fee + International service assessment + scheme standard assessment

  • Lack of regionalized transaction security.

  • Worse performance in payments (since the issuing banks tend to refuse more transactions from international acquirers than local acquirers). Smaller access to the Total Available Market

  • Limited for those who own internationally enabled cards. The shopping experience is not localized

  • No installments and recurring billing limited to international cards

  • The merchant can even show the price in the local currency but the buyers will be paying in the currency from the merchant country.

Streamline your cross-border payments with a local partner

EBANX manages the entire payment processing, with a localized solution perfectly formatted to meet the specific requirements for this kind of transaction.

  • Receive your funds anywhere in the world

    Receive your funds anywhere in the world

    EBANX receives the funds from the local acquirers and banks in local currency and remits the funds in USD to where it suits you the best.

  • Full financial reconciliation

    Full financial reconciliation

    Get financial reconciliation in several formats, which can be sent through different methods.

  • A close look at the Risk and Fraud scoring

    A close look at the Risk and Fraud scoring

    EBANX interacts with local partners to understand if any blocking rule is set too high or not properly configured, looking for higher performance than a standard international cross border processing.

  • Smart Routing

    Smart Routing

    We have more than a direct connection with local acquirers, based on statistics and internal data we choose the best route for the transaction, ensuring more efficient payment operations.

  • Direct integrations

    Direct integrations

    Optimize your approval rates by having integration with more acquirers and issuers in 15 countries to guarantee redundancy and availability of payments. Get access to +20 direct connections around Latin America.

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