Accept local payments and pay sellers with a single retail marketplace solution

Level up your retail marketplace operations in Latin America with EBANX. Count on a full-stack payment solution tailored to your plans, to your customers’ needs, and to the market’s requirements.

retail marketplaces that trust EBANX
  • Aliexpress
  • Wish
  • Shein
  • Shopee
  • TradeInn
  • Lojas Americanas
  • Submarino
  • Shoptime
  • Knit
  • Sallve

Your retail marketplace, a big hit in Latin America

After integrating with EBANX, in just two years a giant marketplace generated incredible results:


of revenue growth



of sales increase

Strategy wins used by this retail marketplace merchant

  • Alternative payment methods
  • Hybrid payment processing
  • Domestic and international payouts
  • Unified check-out and hybrid single transaction
  • Marketing consulting
  • Dedicated account management

With the right payment partner, your retail marketplace can also become the next big thing in Latin America.

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The crucial role of EBANX for retail marketplaces

With EBANX, you decide how to expand in the region, choosing one or more operational models at the same time, in one or more countries, with several payment solutions, all within a single platform.



    Seamless payouts approval.

    Pay sellers with domestic and/or international transactions. You can have a mix of both and go for a hybrid model, depending on your needs. Your cash inflows and outflows are processed with one integration.

  • Payment split

    Payment split

    A solution especially designed for marketplaces in Brazil.

    Automatically split the amount of a sale among all parties involved in the transaction. No matter the number of items, nor the stores from which your customer buys from. On check-out, the purchase total amount is shared accordingly, fees included.

  • Hybrid single transaction

    Hybrid single transaction

    Several sellers, one checkout.

    Enable single transactions in your marketplaces via our API, and reach more customers with a unified cart and checkout page with products from multiple sellers, currencies and countries. Get visibility into the breakdown of what is domestic and what is international in every single payment.

  • Smart financial management

    Smart financial management

    A system for both conciliation and reconciliation.

    Have full visibility on each payment, chargeback, refund, fee, and other information with the acquirer. All transactions are included in a unique reconciliation that generates sales in multiple currencies and countries in LatAm, while also having unified funds transference through solid payment networks.

  • KYC as a service

    KYC as a service

    Quality sellers attract quality buyers.

    Our Know-Your-Customer tool was developed for companies looking to solve local compliance issues with minimum effort, aiming to constantly improve the experience of your end-user. The feature learns everything it can about the profile of merchants in order to guarantee your quality standard throughout the journey.

  •  Banking as a service (BaaS)

    Banking as a service (BaaS)

    Strong banking infrastructure to support financial challenges.

    One hundred percent whitelabel so you can offer financial products through your brand. From opening a digital account for payments, withdrawals, prepaid cards, and alternative payment methods, to managing the operational money flow allied to a fully automated, transparent and flexible experience in compliance with regulatory bodies and the best market practices.

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Take your retail marketplace to the next level in LATAM

Have it all with EBANX.


Go beyond payments for your business growth

EBANX supports marketplaces to grow exponentially and increase revenue in Latin America by acting as a payment facilitator, processing the transactions on your behalf in 15 different countries.

  • Flexible and convenient integration

    Flexible and convenient integration

    Direct API, Drop-In or Payment Page

  • Optimized Refund System

    Optimized Refund System

    Transparent management of all refunds, full or partial

  • Localized Fraud Prevention

    Localized Fraud Prevention

    Safety backup guaranteed in every step of the way

  • Consumer support

    Consumer support

    Localized customer service in their local languages

  • Merchant success

    Merchant success

    Dedicated account manager to your marketplace

  • Marketing localization strategies

    Marketing localization strategies

    Marketing consulting strategies tailored to your business goals

Retail marketplaces with or without local offices in LatAm collect payments in any country where EBANX operates with international and/or domestic settlements, while receiving your funds in USD or the country’s local currency.

EBANX for Marketplaces

Take your retail marketplace to the next level in LatAm, and start processing payments with a local business support that no one else offers.