Watch your streaming sales grow in Latin America with a partner that listens to your local audience's payment needs
Latin America is the second fastest-growing streaming market in the world. Increase your revenue, while maximizing your customer retention and approval rates, through an all-in-one payment solution designed for this profitable market.
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Current global merchant with us:

A USD 11.4 billion market. We take  you there.

Latin America's streaming market potential

for video streaming


for audio streaming

USD 11.4B

market by 2026

Although opportunities in Latin America are huge, each market in the region has a different financial scenario with a diverse culture, consumption habits, rules and regulations. Considering that about half of Latin Americans are unbanked, many can only pay through local alternative payment methods that they are familiar with. Whether for VoD (Video on Demand), AoD (Audio on Demand) or a live streaming business, EBANX has a payment solution ready to take you there:

More than 100 known and trusted payment methods.


Direct API, White Label Checkout, Payment Page and more.


Recurring payments solution making an easy and flexible subscription model.


The fullest range of tools to build a strong payment performance optimization.


Local payment experts playing by your side all the time.

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Our solution is tailored for your streaming revenue model.



Monetize your pay-per-view videos in Latin America by charging live streaming or videos on demand cross-platforms/devices. Besides counting with more than 100 payment options, including local alternative payment methods, our platform is ready to run a localized minimum ticketing and pay-per-view access through a custom label checkout with local language interface. Your approval rates are also maximized due to our direct connections to all card issuers and outstanding features such as tokenization, retry logic, smart routing, trusted MID and much more.

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Recurring payments

Whether you are a video or audio on demand, your subscribers can get tailored packages and flexible recurring payment plans according to their needs. Our solution can be integrated to your website, application or third party platform, while it enables more than 100 trusted payment options in Latin America, including recurrence for alternative methods such as digital wallets, online debit and instant payments. You also benefit from optimal approval rates due to our direct connections to all card issuers, unified reconciliation, and important features for recurrence such as retry logic, smart routing, automatic card updates, and trusted MID.

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Generate revenue beyond advertising support by converting your fans from freemium to premium. Our solution empowers a localized purchase experience to your Latin American audience by accepting multiple currencies and more than 100 payment methods. It includes recurring payments and a white-label checkout with local language content support. Whether you go for a pay-per-view or a recurring model, have leading approval rates due to our connections to all card issuers and optimization tools, including retry logic and automatic card updates.

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A unique cross-border platform to monetize your video or audio content across Latin America

Fulfill your Latin American audience's payment needs

Choose the payment methods that best suit your business model and audience's local payment needs across Latin America. Go beyond credit cards and have access to more than 100 payment methods, while also being able to offer debit cards, prepaid cards, installment payments, vouchers and other local alternative payment methods such as digital wallets and instant payments.

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Sell more with optimized approval rates

Increase your Customer Lifetime Value and decrease churn rates with less declined payments. Your approval rates are optimized due to our direct connection to all card issuers and an advanced machine learning technology to track transactions across different acquirers. You can control your pricing and streaming plans while accessing dashboards and demand analytic reports. Also, incident management and other optimization features/processes are included, such as:
  • Retry Logic
  • Customer Score
  • Account Card Updates
  • Partnerships with multiple local acquirers in each LatAm country
  • Smart routing
  • Trusted MID
  • UX improvements
  • Clear dashboard and demand analytic reports
Use Case
Improving credit card's approval rates through smart optimization actions
The above mentioned optimization tools and processes were implemented in by some of our merchants that wanted to improve their credit card's approval rates in Latin America.

Before EBANX deployed the optimization action plan, the average approval rate in credit card payments of the merchants in this study was 75%. The chart below shows how the rate was increasing while each feature/process was implemented. At the end, they have reached an 80% approval rate (average), which represented a solid 6.25% increase since the beginning.
*Although these numbers refer to performance optimizations achieved by some of our merchants, they may vary according to each business, operational model and country where transactions took place.

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Your audience, your data, our duty to protect them. Get a payment platform which complies with all local regulations across different countries in LatAm. Minimize fraudulent free trial requests and other payment frauds by setting hard rules in a smart anti-fraud system, which includes the following features:

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  • Protection layers
  • Risk scoring
  • Device Fingerprint
  • Block/trust list
  • Chargeback dispute
  • A/B testing
  • False-positive measuring


Payout your suppliers and audio or content producers (e.g. freelance artists, musicians) quickly across different countries and currencies. There are several payment methods available including bank transfers, digital wallets and instant payments, so you can deliver a truly localized experience.

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  • Payout received in up to 3 business days
  • Payment method diversity
  • Intuitive Payee onboarding


Count on a team of high qualified specialists with different skills to provide the local support you need to develop your business. They are available in multiple time zones 24/7.

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  • Regular planning and analytical meetings
  • Merchant operational support
  • Market intelligence
  • Growth and marketing strategies
  • Close performance monitoring
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Roadmap for improvement


Different options for you to accept Latin American payments using the solution that best fits your business model, capabilities, strategy and available resources.

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  • Reverse and a personalized Direct API
  • Recurring Payments through solid partnerships with Recurly, ACI, Cybersource
  • Over 15 Payments Industry Channels
  • Drop-In -Transparent checkout with no page redirection

Monetizing streamed content in Latin America can be much easier. ↪Are you ready?

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