All eyes are on one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

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Diverse content, bottomless catalogs, partnerships, local productions, and fresh originals. This is the blend that is enabling video and audio streaming brands to gain competitive edges in the second fastest-growing streaming market in the world.
Stay ahead of the curve by binge-watching the essential trends & tips of streaming’s growth in Latin America.

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Rule the Latin American streaming market by watching these top 6 prime trending narratives.


South Side Story

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Fall madly in love with the video and audio streaming market in Latin America, with an in-depth overview of its size and market potential. The Latino Sharks are eager to help you overpower the region.

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The Big Trends Theory


Streaming in Latin America is like the universe we know: It started with a tiny single streaming platform and grew into the massive still-expanding vertical that we know today. Uncover the movers and trends of this market and what will drive its exponential growth.

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The Lord of the Videos


The future of video streaming in Latin America rests in the destiny of new global and local users. These giants are unrelenting in their search for the Latinos' loyalty. While the competition happens, video streaming subscriptions are expected to reach 68.81 million paid users in 2022.

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The sound of Music and Podcasts

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A tuneful and heartwarming story has been told by audio streaming in Latin America. Although still in its infancy of growth it is already showcasing great potential, bringing the sound of music and podcasts into Latin American’s daily routine. Witness this love story to understand how the region became the fastest-growing market globally.

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Game of Locals

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The great battle between streaming players held in Latin America has found new decisive characters: partnerships and local content productions. Both key strategies have been drawing the awareness of streaming services as an alternative to dominate every inch of LatAm land and control each drop of power.

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Breaking Challenges

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Streaming services are currently facing the challenge of overcoming some distinct needs found in the Latin American market. Driven by a precise destination, to financially provide alternatives for Latinos to convert into paid subscribers, these payment challenges will play an essential position in their growth in LatAm.

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More on streaming in Latin America

Winning the hearts of Latinos and turning them into paid subscribers requires developing in-depth knowledge about the regional landscape in different aspects.

Here is a complete guide that covers all the bases for becoming an expert on the streaming market in LatAm.

Learn about consumer behavior, how Latinos consume content through streaming, and get a detailed overview of the market split by country.

Final takeaways from streaming in latin america to take to heart

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What pushes Latinos to sign up for a streaming service?


good mobile app experience is a must


an easy to navigate platform helps


the availability of TV shows and movies they want to watch


the ability to download content on their devices is important

What are the devices Latinos are using to consume content through streaming services?


use smartphones to watch


use connected TVs


use PC or laptops


spend most of their time-consuming on mobile

Latin America is the next landmark for Streaming companies willing to join and win the streaming wars

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