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LABS, content platform from EBANX, launches a special series about global companies successful in Latin America

July 22, 2019

The series, Latin America Trailblazers, will tell the stories of global companies that are shaking up and leading the Latin American market. First reports will feature Rappi and UseGiraffe

CURITIBA, BRAZIL, July 22, 2019 – After being relaunched with a new layout and editorial guidelines, LABS - Latin America Business Stories, a global content platform about business and technology in Latin America, introduced today a new special series: Latin America Trailblazers, with stories about companies that are thriving in the region.

“Our main goal is to show, through these stories, how the specificities make Latin America such a special place for business," explains Thiago Romariz, head of content at EBANX, who leads LABS. "We want to show different aspects of how these companies are growing and succeeding here. We are going to talk about the path and the current moment of brands that have found in Latin America a market to thrive, always respecting the culture and the customs of the different countries that we have here."

The first article from the Latin America Trailblazers series is about Rappi, a Colombian delivery app founded in 2015 which became a unicorn in 2018. Recently, the company received a US$ 1 billion investment from the Japanese group SoftBank, through its Latin America fund. The orange backpacks from Rappi’s couriers have been spreading out on the streets of Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

LABS spoke with Fernando Chavarro, Product Lead from Rappi, about the company’s expansion through Latin America, and the path to becoming one of the largest delivery apps in the region. Chavarro also spoke about the greatest challenges and opportunities in Latin America markets, and about the future plans for Rappi. The article is available at LABS.

The second special report will be about UseGiraffe, an apparel e-commerce company based in China which has been expanding vigorously in Latin America, especially in Mexico.


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