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EBANX announces expansion of global teams led by Paula Bellizia, new president

March 10, 2022

The announcement follows Bellizia's arrival as president of Global Payments and the fintech's 10-year anniversary. To celebrate the beginning of the next decade of focused growth the company has just unveiled its new branding 

CURITIBA, BRAZIL, March 10, 2022 – EBANX, a payments fintech company with a global presence, has launched a new brand positioning and design. Created in celebration of its 10-year anniversary in February, the new branding marks the expansion of the company’s global teams located in regions such as Asia, Europe and the Americas. With its sights set on expanding its customer base and the depth and reach of fintech's products over the next decade, EBANX aims to strengthen verticals such as digital services and e-commerce led by its new president of Global Payments, Paula Bellizia.

"EBANX has a spectacular track record, having impacted the trajectory of merchants, Latin American consumers, the payments industry, the digital market as a whole and the community around us. Looking ahead to the next 10 years, we have a very clear direction: to maximize this impact, and increase the reach of our merchants and options for consumers," said Bellizia. "The new brand celebrates EBANX’s achievements so far and ushers in the next decade."

Last year, EBANX's international team grew by almost 70 percent, reaching nearly 100 people at the beginning of 2022. The fintech company currently has open positions in its Mexico office and plans to recruit others for its teams located in China, Europe and the United States.

EBANX currently has operations in 15 countries, teams in more than 10 countries, and more than 1,700 employees from more than 20 different nationalities. It offers more than 100 local payment methods in Latin America to 1,000+ global customers such as Amazon, SHEIN, Shopee, Spotify, and Uber, as well as 35,000 merchants in Brazil.

New brand for the new decade, with a focus on product and customers

The new EBANX logo reflects the exponential growth of the company, which increased its volume of processed payments by more than 110 percent in 2021. This forward momentum is illustrated by the changing size of each letter in the logo and makes visual reference to the fintech's plans for future growth – the letter X in the logo is the largest, expressing the idea of the brand’s wide reach. The new tagline – Be there. Anywhere – highlights EBANX’s customer-centric mindset and its commitment to shortening the distances between businesses and consumers through simplified digital payments.

"EBANX's major milestones so far have all been connected to the mission of creating access and offering the best experience for companies and consumers. From this commitment to our customers, many product launches were born, along with geographic expansion, growth of teams and our client portfolio, strategic acquisitions, investments and other projects that benefit the market and the community," said João Del Valle, co-founder and CEO of EBANX. "We are very proud of this legacy, knowing that it offers a solid foundation for our business, on which we will build the EBANX of the future."

EBANX's new positioning and brand design were developed in partnership with YÖNE.


EBANX is the leading payments platform in Latin America, connecting more than 35,000 global and regional companies with customers from one of the fastest-growing digital markets in the world. The company was founded in 2012 with the mission of giving access to Latin Americans to purchase from international e-commerce merchants. Using powerful proprietary technology and infrastructure, EBANX allows companies with local or international operations to connect with hundreds of payment methods in different countries. EBANX goes beyond payments, increasing sales and fueling seamless purchase experiences for companies and consumers. For more information, visit https://business.ebanx.com/en/

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