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Chilean Payment Methods


Servipag offers 21 payment options with just one click. A secure solution in which consumers can make purchases with agility on sites all over the world.

Servipag is an alternative for 40% of Chilean shoppers, who prefer not to use a credit card online.

Discover Servipag:
21 payment options
in 1 click.

Servipag processes on average 9 million transactions per month and is considered the best billing portal in Chile. Payment confirmation always happens in real time. The company is constantly working to facilitate online shopping for Chileans, offering cash payment methods with security and quickness.

Prevention offraud. No chargebacks.
Refund process:exclusive and practical.

How does it work?


The consumer chooses Servipag as the form of payment at checkout.


With one click, 21 payment options are offered.


The consumer chooses the form that best suits their needs and finalizes the payment.