Chilean Sencillito

The payment method Chileans most use in their day to day

Sencillito is used by Chilean population to pay for their day to day expenses. This solution will generate, at checkout time, a voucher that can be paid at any of the more than 1.000 Sencillito stores with cash or cards ABCDIN and HITES.

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Sencillito in Chile
Sencillito in Chile
Sencillito in Chile

Expand your business for customers who prefers to pay in cash

The perfect solution to attract customers who do not rely on giving their card informations online. This offline voucher payment method will allow your customer to pay in cash and that your business have a no-chargeback and fraud solution.

How Sencillito works

Customer selects the cash voucher as method

Your customer chooses to pay using Sencillito at checkout.

A barcode is generated for the customer

The Sencillito invoice is generated with specific information for that purchase.

Customer pays it in cash in over 200k locations

Next, the consumer brings their invoice to a Sencillito location to either pay in cash or using a prepaid retail card.

Customer pays it in cash in over 200k locations

The transaction is confirmed and a receipt is provided to the customer.

Start right now to expand your business.

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