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Chilean Payment Methods


A popular cash payment method Chileans use to pay their day to day expenses. It's simple; your customer will be given a payment slip that can be settled in a network of over 1000 stores across Chile. No fraud or chargeback risks.

Offering sencillito at the checkout will certainly increase your conversion rates by reaching a larger consumer base that prefers cash payments for online shopping, it will reduce cart abandonment as well as chargebacks and fraud.

Learn more about Sencillito

Sencillito is an offline cash payment method in Chile. When choosing Sencillito, the user will receive a voucher that can be paid at any of the more than 1000 Sencillito stores with cash or cards ABCDIN and HITES. Sencillito is very similar to other popular payment methods in Latin America, such Boleto EBANX (Brazil) and OXXO (Mexico).

Expiration:3 days.
Very simplerefund.
No chargebacks,low fraud risk.

How does it work?


User chooses to settle purchase with cash using Sencillito at checkout.


A payment slip with a Number ID & bar code is generated with the amount to settle. No added fees.


User has 3 days to pay with cash, ABCDIN & HITES cards in any of the over 1000 stores affiliated to Sencillito.