Online Debit in Brazil

Offer to your Brazilian customers Online Debit as a payment option

Online Debit is accepted by major Brazilian banks. At checkout, the consumer is redirected to their bank website and payment is made safely and quickly, via internet banking.

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Bank Transfer in Latin America
Bank Transfer in Latin America

No chargeback risks for your business

With Online Debit, Brazilians who have online bank accounts can make online payments easily. It is an effective alternative payment method for your customer and a zero-chargeback risk for your business.

Available for the following banks:


How Online Debit works

Customer selects the cash voucher as method

The consumer chooses Online Debit as the form of payment during checkout.

A barcode is generated for the customer

Next, the consumer is redirected to their internet banking.

A barcode is generated for the customer

The purchase details are described and the consumer can finalize the payment securely and easily.

Customer pays it in cash in over 200k locations

Payment confirmation up 3 hours, depending on bank.

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