Brazilian Payment Methods

Online Banking

Also known as TEF (Electronic Funds Transfer) or domestic bank transfer, Online Banking is a payment realized by the user directly via internet banking.

More than one million Online Banking transfers have been processed by EBANX.

Available at the principal Brazilian banks:

  • Banco do Brasil
  • tef_bradesco.png
  • Banrilsul
  • Itau

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Online Banking is accepted by all large Brazilian banks and is extremely simple. At checkout, the consumer is redirected to their bank website and payment is made safely and quickly, via internet banking.

Prevention offraud. No chargebacks.
Refund Process:exclusive and practical.

How does it work?


The consumer chooses Online Banking as the form of payment during checkout.


Next, the consumer is redirected to their internet banking.


The purchase details are described and the consumer can finalize the payment securely and easily.

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