Peruvian Payment Methods

Pago Efectivo

The most important online payment method in Peru, as well as the principal alternative to credit cards in the country. With it, people can pay with cash.

payment locations throughout the country.
Reach 100% of online Peruvian shoppers.

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Pago Efectivo.

A payment method that allows Peruvians to pay for their online purchases in cash. Even though the ecommerce market is growing a lot in Peru, consumers are still afraid of fraud.  Also, the majority of them don’t have a credit card yet. With Pago Efectivo, Peruvians can pay for their online shopping in cash. This is why it is the most popular online payment method in Peru today.

Prevention offraud. No chargebacks.
Refund process:exclusive and practical.

How does it work?


The consumer chooses Pago Efectivo as the form of payment during checkout.


Then, the consumer receives a numeric code referencing this specific purchase.


With this code the consumer can pay via internet banking or in any of the 40,000 establishments throughout the country that accept Pago Efectivo.

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