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Make a difference for your customers by offering digital wallets as a payment method

The e-commerce market in Mexico is growing and global brands have a huge opportunity to be ahead of the competition by offering digital wallets. Get access to more than 2.5 million customers that want to buy online in an environment of digital wallets that they are already familiar with.

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EBANX Payment Method

Easy access to millions of new customers through digital wallets


Digital payment services are in increasing demand worldwide and we will see them growing day after day. Mexico is no exception, this is the perfect moment to start offering Digital Wallets as a payment option in the country and reach new consumers.


Mexico's high internet connectivity among the population is an opportunity for international merchants. To give you an idea, 43% of Mexico's
e-commerce transactions were made through a mobile device in 2019.

In a market where less than 37% of the population has a bank account and the main payment method for online purchases is the card (debit and credit), digital payment methods are the solution. In 2019, digital wallets payment method represented 11% of all e-commerce transactions, and this number has been increasing day after day.

EBANX is one of the pioneers in offering digital wallets to enterprise companies

EBANX assists global brands with an all in one payment solution that covers all the needs to succeed in the Mexican market. Be ready for more wallets that are coming soon, with one integration you start to offer Mercado Pago now and get access to the future digital wallets available with EBANX.

Available digital wallets IN MEXICO

  • Mercado Pago

How digital wallets work

The customer journey:


Customer selects Mercado Pago as payment method


Is re-direct to Mercado Pago


Fills in their card information or choose "money in account" option to pay


Confirmation is sent real time to the customer

Benefits of accepting Digital Wallets in Mexico

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      Unlock a potential new customer base

      Reach both unbanked customers and those who want an easier technology-forward way to manage their money and pay for their purchases.

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      More security and convenience

      The customer already has all their data input in the digital wallet before paying for their purchases. Therefore paying with a digital wallet becomes simple, secure, and easy.

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      One integration, multiple wallets

      With one single integration, you can enable one of the biggest digital wallets in Mexico and those coming soon. Seize the opportunity to offer wallets in Latin America and conquer new customers, with EBANX.

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      Marketing campaign tracking

      Track the whole buyer journey of your customers. After selecting digital wallets, they will be redirected to its app and come back to your website when finished. This way you can measure the ROI from your marketing campaigns.

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      One more option to offer installments

      With EBANX and Mercado Pago digital wallet, your consumers will have an extra chance to choose pay in installments, which varies the maximum number of installments according to Mercado Pago's calendar promotions of the current year.

Payment methods in Mexico

Start offering digital wallets to your Mexican customers.

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