From localization advantages to easiness and convenience. Get to know how one of the most popular payment methods in Colombia works and which reasons make it so important for digital commerces to offer it when selling to Colombians.

What is Efecty?

Efecty is a voucher cash payment and transfer method present in Colombia. It is extremely popular among Colombians and used by both, people and companies: it covers 99% of the country's municipalities. 

Through Efecty, users are able to send money domestically and internationally, pay from utility bills to online purchases, and make payments for recharges or top ups. 

Making payments and transferring money through Efecty


  1. The customer selects Efecty as the payment method.
  2. The customer receives the voucher with a pin code in their email, to be paid in up to 3 days.
  3. Payment is completed in an Efecty physical payment location.
  4. The merchant gets the payment confirmation in real-time.

Online transfers (via website or a smartphone app):

  1. The user needs a bank account which supports online payments
  2. Register or log-in on his/her Efecty's account and provide the transfer info 
  3. Have his/her ID checked and confirm the transfer via PSE (a payment method designed and monitored by ACH Colombia). 

* Users are also able to send money offline by presenting their ID in one of Efecty's physical payment locations.

Why offer Efecty as a payment method in Colombia?

  • Reach more customers and increase sales

Efecty has more than 9,000 physical payment locations in Colombia and it is very popular in the country. Since many people in Colombia lack access to credit or debit cards, Efecty is a key way to expand your online consumer base.  

  • Have multiple services 

Efecty allows you to transfer money domestically and internationally; payout your suppliers or partners; pay salaries and commissions for your employees; offer recharge and top-ups (for mobile and TV services) to your customers; and much more.

  • Get confirmations in real time

Efecty is instant. You receive the payment confirmation as soon as your customer pays the voucher in one of Efecty's physical payment locations.

  • Enable an unique shopping experience

Colombians are familiar with Efecty. It is a localized payment method for language (Spanish) and currency (Colombian Peso) that doesn't depend on credit or debit cards, while it enables a unique shopping experience since it is easy and convenient. 

  • Increase payment success rates

Efecty is a trusted payment method that offers a high level of security and lowers the risk of failed/returned payments. The user can only make cash payments in Efecty's official physical locations, and in regards to online transactions, the transfer is made via PSE.

EBANX and Efecty

Wondering how you can start offering Efecty to Colombian consumers? EBANX has the local expertise you need to do it! Get to know more about it and all benefits of integrating this payment method with us. 

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