Faster and Automated Payments

B2B payment processing for cross‑border transactions with local payment methods


Frictionless UX

with online checkout in local currency for your Latin American clients


Easy and Cost‑Efficient

detailed and transparent management of all transactional information and reconciliation

Payments Platform

A tailored solution for high‑ticket payments in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico

With a solution exclusively designed to safely process high‑value transactions in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina (and other LatAm countries on the roadmap), we offer global companies a secure, scalable way for you to receive payments from your B2B clients.


EBANX processes payments ranging from 10k to 100k USD per end‑user, per month, considering a single transaction or a group of transactions.

The best fit for your cross‑border sales. Recurrence included.

Single Transactions

Any high‑value transaction happening on an annual basis or that occurs only once. 


Industry examples:

  • SaaS & Cloud
  • B2B in Gig Economy
  • Hardware
  • Trade (import/export)
  • Corporate (sponsorships, events, travel expenses and purchases through SWIFT)

Recurring Transactions

Enterprise contracts paid out monthly, in a recurrent model.


Industry examples:

  • SaaS & Cloud
  • Online Education
  • Trade (import/export)
  • Corporate (sponsorships, events, travel expenses and purchases through SWIFT)

Usage‑based Transactions

A consumption‑based pricing model where consumers are charged at the end of the billing‑cycle, based on how much they consumed of a product or service.


Industry examples:

  • SaaS & Cloud
  • B2B Marketing Services (Ads/Media)
how it works

High Tickets flow

Customer Company

Customer Company

Your customer pays you in local currency, in a single or group transaction of USD 10k+. The payment can be done through alternative payment methods, bank transfers or cards.

Your Business

Your Business

Payments Available

Payment Methods

  • Brazil: credit cards, boleto, bank transfer
  • Argentina: Debin (instant debit)
  • Mexico: credit cards, SPEI (bank transfer)

EBANX captures the payment amount and taxes in the country's local currency, and processes the transaction with our in‑house Authorized Foreign Exchange (AEFX) institution while ensuring high approval rates.

EBANX Shield

EBANX Shield

Count on tailored fraud and risk management to back you up throughout the entire payment processing. EBANX Shield is the best‑in‑class to prevent and manage fraud in rising economies. No extra costs, no additional provided needed.

Acquirers, Schemes & Issuers

Acquirers, Schemes & Issuers

The money flow goes through schemes, in case of card transactions. 


EBANX Shield

EBANX Shield

Besides our anti‑fraud solution, there are knowledgeable teams taking care of security and fraud, regulatory compliance, and taxes and customer support during the whole process.

Amount locally collected

Amount locally collected

Settlement & Reconciliation

Settlement & Reconciliation

EBANX settles the due amount to your business whether transferring the funds directly to your international entity ‑ after converting the funds from the local currency into USD ‑  or sending them in the country's currency to a local entity.

Payment Solution


Payment Performance & User Experience

Replace SWIFT transfers and manual invoices for better payment alternatives to sell more

PIX: A Brazilian real-time payment method with high approval rates which is used by more than 70% of all Brazilians

Credi Cards: a traditional payment method which, on average, takes seconds to complete a transaction

Recurrence for Credit Cards: an optimized recurrence feature with full visibility over recurrent transactions

Boleto Bancário: a popular Brazilian voucher payment method that takes, on average, one business day to confirm the transaction

Installment options: a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) method that let purchases be paid over time and avoids burdening customer''s budget, especially for high-value transactions


Optimize yours and your customer's experience by letting they pay in BRL while you can receive in USD

EBANX acts as a Merchant of Record (MoR): it collects the B2B payment amount and taxes of customers in BRL, and remit funds in USD, independently of the payment method or transaction amount

Prevent involuntary churn with an automatic B2B payment process

Automatic payments from capture to settlement, all in one single integration


API integration to improve control over when and how much customers will be billed/charged


Real-time payment confirmation via email to customers


Reduce friction with a comprehensive online checkout experience and integration options

Payment by link for merchants that want to save integration efforts and send manually generated links to their customers redirecting them to EBANX Payment Page.


Direct API for a a customizable and transparent checkout integrated directly to the merchant's website (without redirections) which enables diverse payment methods with near real-time payment confirmation and FX rates.


Improve our merchants and their clients experience with the best‑in‑class payment support

Dedicated team of experts specialized in our merchants' industries with different skills to provide a world-class service. They are available according to the merchant's time-zone in multiple regions (Latin America, US, Europe and APAC)


AI with a superior automated support to our merchants's customers (end-user) available in Portuguese and Spanish


Financial Management

Level up your reconciliation and automate internal processes via EBANX Dashboard or API

Detailed Reconciliation process

Online/Real-Time monitoring about all emitted payments 

Transparent payment information such as taxes and final price

Easiness to offer refund options to payments

EBANX Dashboard and its dedicated analytics section with strategic metrics


Stop losing high‑value B2B deals because of exchange rate's fluctuations

Currency hedging with fixed FX rates to win a new deal or renewals



Boost your business security with a localized fraud prevention strategy built for high ticket transactions

Exclusive validation process for high-value transactions

EBANX Shield, which is our in-house robust technology, security, and compliance tool

Transaction informations and reconciliation in one place

Chargeback management with full visibility and control via EBANX Dashboard  or API


Safeguard your customer satisfaction with smarter processes

Manual Review with EBANX's Fraud Specialists to reduce false declines while preventing fraud

Block and trust list to indicate which customer's emails are trustful, maximize reliable client's approvals, and afford machine learning for behavior scores

Full control of block and trust list which prevents harming the customer relationship because of security blocks


Compliance & regulations

Count with EBANX's extensive local knowledge as a Brazilian origin company with global experience to have a proper regulatory and tax consultancy

Full visibility about all taxes and support to find ways to reduce them

Compliance with all needed regulations such as GDPR and LGPD (in Brazil)


EBANX has furnished a B2B payment solution exclusively designed to remove the complexities of high ticket transactions. It is time to integrate your business to a secure, scalable, and frictionless B2B payments platform.

Are you ready to reach more B2B customers with High Tickets?