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Boleto EBANX

Boleto Bancário is the leading payment method in Brazil and allows customers to pay online or offline. They can pay in cash, via mobile, or through online banking by using a barcode/voucher. There is a zero chargeback risk with this payment method in Brazil*

While a regular payment confirmation for Boleto Bancário takes usually 1 business day, by using Instant Boleto, EBANX will confirm payment to the merchant as soon as the customer pays the voucher

*Please note that Voucher Payment in Brazil (Boleto Bancário) is only available for retail merchants or merchants who offer any kind of physical goods.
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EBANX Boleto Instant Boleto

Domestic Credit and Debit Cards

Only a third of Brazilians have credit cards that work for international transactions. However, EBANX gives you access to all Brazilian credit cards. This will not only increase your sales but with local acquiring connections your credit card approval rates will dramatically improve.
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Master Visa American Express Diners Club Elo Hipercard

Online Bank Tranfer (TEF)

A debit card is a common payment method in Brazil. Today, there are 116M active debit cards in the country, with 664B reais spent with this method in 2019. Accept debit cards to reach a new consumer base and optimize your revenue in Brazil.
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Caixa Nubank Santander Banco do Brasil Itaú Bradesco

Domestic Credit and Debit Cards

Brazilians who have online bank accounts can make instant payments in Brazil. This is another extremely simple and effective alternative payment method. There are zero chargeback risks for merchants and the payment confirmation is in up 1 business day.
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Itaú Banco do Brasil Bradesco Banrisul

Online Bank Tranfer (TEF)

When choosing to pay with Online Debit, a reliable method in Brazil, customers are redirected to their bank website, where they can quickly make the payment via internet banking. Payment confirmation may take up to 3 hours, depending on the bank.
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Itaú Banco do Brasil Bradesco Banrisul

Domestic Credit and Debit Cards

The popularity of digital wallets is increasing in Brazil, mostly due to the benefits offered by them, such as convenience, security, and simplicity to pay. Those who don't have a credit card can use digital wallets as an alternative to the traditional financial system and use it even without a bank account, adding balance through alternative payment methods.
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MercadoPago PayPal PicPay

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