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Why are Brazilians still using and preferring Boleto Bancário for online purchases?

We conducted a survey in July 2017 across all of Brazil's five regions with Brazilians that pay for online purchases using the Boleto Bancário, a very traditional Brazilian cash payment method.

The main purpose of the survey was to find out why these online consumers choose to use this particular cash payment method, besides crossing this information with data about their profile. The results offer a better understanding on why Brazilians shop online the way they do, pointing out the importance for local and global e-commerces to provide Brazilian consumers with payment methods that they know and feel safe with.

What you will be able to find on this survey?

  • How many Brazilians, among those who pay for online purchases using Boleto Bancário, have checking accounts;
  • Why they pay for online purchases using this cash payment method;
  • What they buy using Boleto Bancário;
  • How old these buyers are;
  • What their average income is;
  • What their education level is;
  • Which products/services they by the most online.

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The full survey here: