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Turn Latin American gamers into Steam Customers

With a market sized at $6 billion and expected to reach $8 billion by 2023, the gaming industry in Latin America shows no signs of slowing down. We know Steam is positioned well to own a large part of this market share, but you could be getting more out of a local payments provider. At EBANX, it's our mission to connect global brands to Latin America and the resources needed to provide a localized approach for every market. You've scratched the surface, let us help you go farther. 

Optimize existing audience

Steam is a household name in Latin America. Your gamers have admitted to having issues with BoaCompra. Remove the friction from the payment process to get more from this market. 

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Maximize Approval Rates

Approval rates can make or break your performance. Safeguard your customer base by routing transactions to multiple acquirers to increase the number of gamers that have access to your product.

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Diversify payment offering

One local payment option per market won't cut it, and your current offering is holding you back. Offer a suite of local payments from installments, debit cards, wallets and more. 

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