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Turn Latin American gamers into IGG Customers

With a market sized at $6 billion and expected to reach $8 billion by 2023, the gaming industry in Latin America shows no signs of slowing down. We know IGG is positioned well to own a large part of this market share, but you're missing a local payment partner. At EBANX, it's our mission to connect global brands to Latin America and the resources needed to provide a localized approach for every market. You've scratched the surface, let us help you go farther.

Optimize existing audience

In launching a new game like, Lords Mobile, it's key to turn your audience into loyal and recurring gamers. 54% of Brazilians won't buy from a digital brand charging in USD.

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Expand to new markets

We know that IGG is a leading and global gaming brand in different regions but what about Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, or even Chile? We can help you effortlessly expand your footprint. 

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Diversify payment offering

One local payment option per market won't cut it, and your current offering is holding you back. Offer a suite of local payments from installments, debit cards, wallets and more. 

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