The Influence of COVID-19 on International Online Shopping in Mexico

EBANX exclusive survey shows the cross-border e-commerce market in Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic and behavior perspectives for the post-COVID-19 landscape.


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  • OXXO is still really important for Mexicans – the pandemic did not make people change the payment method, even being a cash-based method.

  • Even during the pandemic, a great share of respondents will keep the frequency of buying on international e-commerce websites.

  • The flotation on the exchange rate from USD to MXN also plays a role in the behavior associated with the average ticket and the number of orders.

  • From a product perspective, aside from a drop in Apparel and Beauty category, there is no substantial change in the purchase intention among other categories.


Learn how Mexican consumers are behaving in COVID-19 times

In this new landscape that is arising, ecommerce companies can adapt at a faster pace, compared to brick-and-mortar stores. And consumers will turn even more to e-commerce now that they are in quarantine period.

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