The 10 Main Localization Strategies for a Winning Marketing Strategy in Brazil


Selling to another country always requires some research and consideration of the local consumer behavior and brand expectations. Adapting how you promote your products/services and position your brand according to the local characteristics is what we call localization, and it is an essential part of a successful cross-border marketing strategy. In this guide, we have reunited some main factors that will enrich your localization strategy to Brazil, based on our expertise and how the main stores in the region act.

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Who is this e-book indicated for?

  • Online businesses looking for localization techniques to lead their brand to more outreach and generate more sales in Brazil.


What will you learn?

  • Localizing your website to Brazil

  • Displaying Prices in Brazilian Reais

  • UX hacks for Brazilian customers

  • The power of free shipping

  • Optimizing the checkout page for more conversions

  • Building trust and monitoring brand health

  • Selling in the right dates

  • Promoting your products in Brazil

  • The power of content

  • Working with social media influencers

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