Logistics How to Ship from the USA to Brazil

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How to ship from the USA to Brazil

Are you an international ecommerce owner or are planning to sell your products to Brazil?

Then you must now that the logistics of sending products straight to your Brazilian customers is an essential part to make your business work internationally.

More than finding the right partner to the send products from the USA to Brazil, you need to be informed about the main international delivery modalities, how much they cost and their main characteristics. 

What you will learn in this e-book:

  • How to prepare products before shipping;
  • The pros and cons of the main international delivery modalities in Brazil;
  • What are the weight and size limits, estimated delivering time, tracking disponibility and taxes under each modality;
  • 4 companies that can offer this service to you;
  • And 3 extra contents that will help you increase your sales in Brazil. 

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