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Beyond Borders 2018-2019.
The cross-border consumption in Brazil.

In this material, you will find an exclusive EBANX analysis of the Brazilian market potential when it comes to digital commerce.

You will find out about:

    • Brazil's market potential, e-commerce growth, mobile growth and payment methods;
    • The cross-border consumer and bankarization, consumer profile and top international websites;
    • Brazil in numbers, economic, e-commerce, mobile usage, internet users and financial inclusion;
    • With the opinion of experts from companies like: Mastercard, Visa, ELO, Adobe, SalesForce, eBay, Cargo X and Correios..

This research was endorsed by AMI – Americas Market Intelligence, a leading market intelligence consultancy, specialized in Latin America.

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Research: Beyond Borders 2018-2019 - EBANX