If you want to sell in the way Colombians want, then Nequi is one of your best options. Learn more about this digital wallet and how it improves the user's relationship with money through a wide range of services.

What is Nequi?

Nequi is a Colombian digital wallet and financial platform which is widely used in Colombia. It is interesting to notice that the word Nequi means "travel buddy''. The inspirational name may be related to the fact that the application is completely digital and a smartphone is enough to access it and use it anywhere. 

According to Forbes, there are more than 9.7 million Nequi clients, which makes it a very popular payment method. The platform was developed and boosted by Bancolombia (the largest commercial bank of Colombia) in 2016 and, in December of 2021, Nequi announced that it would no longer be part of the bank's portfolio. 

Nequi's app can be found in Play Store or App Store depending on the smartphone. Besides being convenient, opening an account on Nequi is free. All a user needs is to be more than 13 years old, have a phone number, and provide a personal identification document. 

Nequi utilities

Nequi is like a digital bank account where the user can, among other things:

  • Keep money 
  • Make transfers and send money without costs to any part of Colombia
  • Receive money even from overseas
  • Borrow money
  • Charge and make payments 
  • Withdraw cash
  • Top-up mobile phones

Why should digital businesses offer Nequi as a payment method in Colombia?

  • Increase sales: Nequi is a popular payment method that can boost sales and allow businesses to expand their customer base because of the fast-growing number of digital wallet users in Colombia. 

  • Align security with convenience: as we have seen previously, all a user needs to do to open an account is provide a mobile number and an identification document. User's data is then stored inside the app which creates an extra layer of security during the authentication process.

EBANX & Nequi

Nequi definitely deserves attention, especially if you run a digital commerce business and want to sell or optimize your operations in the Colombian market. Now, can you imagine offering Nequi as a payment method and having a real time confirmation when your shopper completes a purchase? Moreover, when you integrate Nequi with EBANX, your digital commerce will be ready for the upcoming wallets in Colombia. 

Among other advantages of offering Nequi with us, we were the first payment processor to integrate with a digital wallet in Colombia. So, we can ensure that, through Nequi, you will be able to start selling in the way Colombians want to buy.

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