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Latin America Summit 2020

Unboxing New Opportunities
Bringing carefully curated content added to gathering high-level executives and professionals from the most relevant global companies, Latin America Summit is simply an outlier business conference.
This year's edition was split into two chapters of 90-minute live broadcasting each. Do you want to check it out? Get access by applying this form.


What you will find out:

  • The new Latin America market and its financial landscape

  • Spotify case: recurring payments in Latin America

  • The game-changing role of Debit Cards in Brazilian e-commerce

  • All about PIX in Brazil, the brand new instant payment from the Central Bank

  • Business cases of UBER and PicPay in the region

  • New markets: sneak peeks regarding Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay

  • And more about businesses and payments in Latin America.


Are you ready to unbox new concepts and opportunities?

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