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Voucher Payments

Around 30% of the Latin Americans are unbanked and used to pay for any purchase with cash. Regarding the online payments landscape the best option to reach all Latin American markets is to accept voucher payments and give these customers the opportunity to pay online.

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EBANX Boleto  OXXO  Via Baloto

EBANX Boleto

Domestic Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and Debit cards are commonly used by Latin Americans when they buy online, however, most of them are domestic so the consumers only purchase in their local currency. EBANX gives you access to all cards in Latin America, domestic and international. This will increase your sales and connect your business to local acquirers and banks. 

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Brazilian Domestic Credit Cards

Online Alternative Payments

There are different ways to pay online in Latin America and to grow your business in this market it is important to offer more than credit cards. Bank transfer and other online payment options are famous among Latin Americans online shoppers.

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