A localized solution for Payment Processing in Mexico

Expand your business to Mexico, a country full of potential for international companies. EBANX supports you to grow exponentially and increase revenue in Mexico by acting as a payment facilitator, processing the transactions on your behalf.

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different processors across LatAm.


transactions per day.


payment methods.


Acquirer redundancy & smart routing.


Optimal refund process even for offline payments.


Unified reconciliation for all countries.


Connect your business to Mexican customers

As the Mexican e-commerce market grows, online businesses from all over the world are starting to explore this promising market. However, payment processing in a different country can be challenging for someone without a local intermediary. The Mexican payment landscape is very peculiar and to succeed in the region is important to understand the local culture and regulations.

By integrating with EBANX you have a local intermediator that gives you access to the main payment methods in the country, in addition to market expertise, fraud prevention strategies, and unified reconciliation.


EBANX integration
Local payment
method at the
Fraud control
Payment confirmation
Get paid in USD
anywhere in the world

Gain foothold in Mexico with a local payment processor

With tightened security and high availability and scalability, our cloud-based multi-instance platform offers our merchants the best API performance in the payment market. Our 24/7 technical monitoring tools also allow us to fastly act on any platform issue or merchant request. On our documentation platform you can find API reference, content guides, videos, and all you need to integrate easily to our state of the art payments platform.

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  • High availability

    Local Partners

    Get direct connection with local banks, processors and acquirers.

  • Acquirer redundancy

    Global settlement

    Sell in Brazil in local currency and receive all at once in USD anywhere in the world.

  • Unified Transactions

    Unified Transactions

    Unified reconciliation for all countries. Unified transfer of funds for all currencies.

  • Smart Retry

    Smart Retry

    When a transaction is not confirmed, issue retries based on the internal data about the best month, week, day and time of day for billing for each industry vertical.

  • Market Intelligence

    Market Intelligence

    With our Latin American expertise, we deliver market studies and research to help you from planning your go-to-market strategy to optimize your revenue in the region.

  • Regionalized Fraud Prevention

    Regionalized Fraud Prevention

    Increase your conversion rates and protect your business in Latin America with the best in class local risk management without extra fees.

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Scale your business in Mexico

We are constantly working to guarantee the maximum availability to your business, high rates of approved transactions, and the best payment experience for your customers.

Seamless and powerful integration

  • Direct API

    For those who want a personalized integration and wish to control every detail of the checkout flow.

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  • E-commerce Platforms

    Easy integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms. Install EBANX and start to sell.

  • Partners

    EBANX connects with multiples organizations to facilitate access to Latin America.

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