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Make more money in your WooCommerce store

Offer Latin American local payments with EBANX plugin for WooCommerce.

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Why Local Payments will increase your revenue?

With EBANX you get access to a payment gateway for WooCommerce, this way you can start doing business in the main Latin American countries, offer your customers local payment methods, and increase conversion rates.

Approval Rates

Approval Rates

International transactions yield low approval rates for foreign merchants.

Credit Card Penetration

Credit Card Penetration

The majority of Latin Americans don’t have an international credit card and rely on cash/debit payment options.

Trust to Pay

Trust to Pay

Latin Americans selectively buy from ecommerces that offer their preferred payment method.

How do Latin Americans pay?



of all ecommerce purchases are made with Boleto Bancario in Brazil.



of online shoppers used an offline method to pay for purchases in Mexico.



of online shopping is made with local payment options in Argentina.

Increase your profit with EBANX

With the EBANX plugin for WooCommerce store you are automatically accepting the most famous payment methods in Latin America and consequently selling more to Brazilians, Argentinians, Mexicans, Colombians, Chileans, Peruvians, and Ecuadorians.

Local Payment Methods

Offer Voucher Payments, Local Debit & Credit Cards, and Bank Transfers right on your ecommerce checkout.

Boleto, OXXO, Spei, PagoEfectivo, Via Baloto and Rapipago


Don't worry about sensitive data encryption, PCI compliance & fraud prevention. Our anti-fraud team takes care of that for you.

Fees per Country

Installments Rates will allow you to have a personalized fee per country.

Native Environment

Create orders and request refunds without ever having to leave the WooCommerce environment.

One-click Purchases

Allow customers to make one-click purchases by safely saving their credit card information for future visits.

Increase your profit with our features

EBANX is integrated with WooCommerce Subscription

Install WooCommerce Subscription, process with EBANX, and have access to many features.

  • Create recurring payments and have a guaranteed revenue.
  • Have an automatic e-mail process for receipts and plan's renewal.
  • Allow your customer to do their own product's upgrade or downgrade.
  • Get detailed reports about subscriber's number and generated revenue.

Seamless Integration. Easy Configuration.

Our plugin is easy for you to install and provides an optimized user experience for your customers at checkout.


EBANX, a Leader in Latin American Payments

EBANX offers complete payment solutions for the markets in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay & Peru that will enable your business to expand with the intelligence and efficiency necessary for exponential growth in Latin America. Offer local payment options & increase your conversion rates with the solution used by AliExpress, AirBnB and Spotify.


Download the WooCommerce Plugin

Our plugin is easy for you to install and provides an optimized user experience for your customers at checkout.