Accept Local Payment Methods in LatAm and boost your revenue

Many Shopify stores have high traffic from Latin America but continue with low sales. Why? Because Paypal, Stripe, and other global payment systems are not widely used by Latin American customers, they commonly prefer to pay with their Local Payment Methods.

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Increase your profit accepting Credit Cards and Installments

Not all Latin American cards are enabled to make international purchases. With EBANX local processing, you accept all domestic and international cards in both countries and pay only per confirmed payment.

Fee 3,7% to 4,9% + USD 0.20 per payment - According to volume processed. Check our Fee Chart here

Installments for Shopify: customers split the payment, you get it all at once

With EBANX, you offer your customers the flexibility to pay over a chosen period and receive your money all at once in your bank account. Installments payments for Shopify will allow customers to split the total amount due to up 12 monthly payments that fit their budgets and increasing their purchase of expensive items in your store.

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With EBANX, the Installments fees go directly to your customer and you don't have to come up with those costs.


of all credit card transactions in Brazil are made with installments.

Accept Voucher Payments in your Shopify Store

The Latin American population still has a strong preference to pay with cash, even when the purchase is made online. Boleto Bancário* in Brazil and OXXO in Mexico are the key to increase sales.

*Please note that Voucher Payment in Brazil (Boleto Bancário) is only available for retail merchants or merchants who offer any kind of physical goods.


of all ecommerce purchases are made with Boleto and OXXO.


of online shoppers used an offline method to pay for purchases.

See the payment methods you can accept with EBANX

  Voucher Payment Credit/Debit Cards Online Alternative Methods

Voucher Payment

Boleto EBANX

Credit/Debit Cards

MasterCard Visa American Express DinersClub Elo Hipercard

Online Alternative Methods

Bank Transfer Online Debit

Voucher Payment


Credit/Debit Cards

MasterCard Visa American Express

Online Alternative Methods


Voucher Payment

Pago Fácil Cobro Express RapiPago

Credit/Debit Cards

MasterCard Visa AmericanExpress DinersClub Cabal Naranja Maestro

Voucher Payment

Via Baloto

Credit/Debit Cards

MasterCard Visa AmericanExpress DinersClub

Online Alternative Methods


Voucher Payment

PagoEfectivo SafetyPay

Credit/Debit Cards

MasterCard Visa AmericanExpress DinersClub

EBANX covers all the bases to process payments in Latin America.


Transparent Checkout

EBANX Payment Gateway takes the user to the checkout inside your Shopify store without redirection, ensuring a secure and fluid experience.


Investment savings

No need to open a local entity to offer Latin Americans customers their favorite payment methods.


Safety for your customers

PCI certification and EBANX Shield, a regionalized fraud prevention and risk solution for your Shopify store.


Partner Connection

Get direct connection with more than 50 banks & processors in Latin American countries.

Start getting more orders from Latin America

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