Get the highest conversion rate in overseas sales with EBANX Payment Gateway

With Shopify, merchants are able to create their store in a totally personalized way and manage it within the platform. EBANX is an official Payment Gateway for Shopify that allows stores from all over the world to sell their products to Latin Americans by accepting local payment methods. With fast integration and direct connection with local players, we support your payment processing.

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Transparent Checkout Mockup

New Transparent Checkout for Shopify

With our new transparent checkout, you can increase your revenue by 36% giving your customers a seamless purchase experience by letting them in the same environment during all purchase steps. This new version of checkout is available in Brazil and soon in other Latin American country.

Higher checkout conversion rate
(Avg of 7p.p.)

Total confirmed transactions over the total opened transactions.

Avg. of 25p.p. less checkout abandonment rates in the payment stage

Checkouts that reached the payment stage and didn’t complete the transaction.

Optimized marketing campaign tracking
(FB Pixel and GA)

Improve your marketing campaigns by metrifying cash payment purchases through Facebook and Google pixels.

Boost your sales with local payment methods

Offer to your Latin American customers their preferred payment methods, local cards, monthly installments, bank transfer and many other options.

  Voucher Payment Credit/Debit Cards Online Alternative Methods

Voucher Payment

Boleto EBANX

Credit/Debit Cards

MasterCard Visa American Express DinersClub Elo Hipercard

Online Alternative Methods

Bank Transfer Online Debit

Voucher Payment


Credit/Debit Cards

MasterCard Visa American Express

Online Alternative Methods


Comprehensive range of services for your business




    Payment processing with local collection.




    Credit/Debit Card and Cash Payments confirmation emails.


    Cash payment reminders via email.


    Possibility to charge customers from installments fees in Brazil.


    UX Best Practices to increase your sales.




    Retry Logic.


    EBANX Shield Fraud Prevention.




    Notifications to Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.


    Optimized Checkout (personalized logo, fewer fields, price on the local currency from your customer).




    Credit Card Refunds.


    Cash Payment Refunds.


    Refunds through Shopify Administrative Panel.


    Sales report through EBANX Dashboard.

Your Shopify store more profitable with EBANX

Easy integration with Shopify

You just need to focus on selling, install EBANX as a payment provider and we do the hard work for you.

Discover how to install EBANX Payment Gateway

Less canceled orders

Don't waste time charging your customers, EBANX do all payment management to avoid canceled orders and you control the transactions through your Shopify admin.


We put your website's logo at the checkout page to increase customer's trust and avoid cart abandonment.

Start getting more orders from Latin America.

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