Payment Solutions tailored for the Tourism Industry and perfect for Latin Americans

Payment solutions tailored for the Tourism Industry and perfect for Latin Americans

With EBANX you rely on benefits made specifically to the Travel Sector.

  • Sell to your customer in their local currency and receive in USD anywhere in the world.
  • Avoid cancellations by charging your customer before their trip.
  • Increase customer's trust with a 24/7 Customer Service in their local language.
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We attend your Business Model

  • Online Travel Agents
  • Flight Tickets
  • Tourism Services
  • Transportation Providers
  • Property Rentals and Hotels
  • Tours and Guides Services
  • Ticket Companies

Travel Companies who trust EBANX

  • Airbnb
  • Argentina4u
  • Viagens Machu Picchu
  • WePlann
  • Colombia4u

"With EBANX, we operate in the country with lower taxes and all the benefits of local payment methods. That gave our customers all the benefits (lower costs, facilities, and safety) only a local company can give them, which increased greatly our sales."

Juvenal Uscamayta Rondan, Parter & Director at Viagens Machu Picchu
Juvenal Uscamayta Rondan

Partner & Director | Viagens Machu Picchu

Tourism Industry inside Latin America

Latin American consumers are looking for ways to simplify their lives and are more open to spend money on experiences. Those generational cultural factors and also changes in politics are drastically increasing their search for companies that offer travel and tourism services around the world.

Numbers that matter



of Brazilians would look for a second website if their first choice did not offer local payment methods.

Payment in Installments

is how far in advance Latin Americans book their vacations.



of Brazilian travelers prefer to pay for tourism services in installments.

Who are the Latin American tourists?


Type 01


They plan and program excursions and tours before the trip. Sell packages in advance to your Latin American customers.


Type 02


Most of Latin Americans prefer to plan their trips through mobile devices or computer, since the search of destination till payment.


Type 03

Open to new

They prefer to spend money on new experiences rather than with material goods. Enjoy selling more leisure and tour services.


Type 04


Latin Americans travel in groups, whether they are friends or family members.

EBANX Payment Solutions for Tourism Companies

EBANX Payment Solutions for Tourism Companies


Latin Americans are used to pay for their vacations in monthly installments which fit in their budgets.

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Payments by Link

Manually generate payment links and send them to your customers via e-mail, SMS, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

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One-click Payment

Allow your client to skip the checkout process by giving them the option to save their credit card information.

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Simple or customized.
You choose your integration.

EBANX offers a proactive and seamless Integration Process, for every type of business that ranges from No Code to Direct API.

Eight different countries.
Many Payment Experiences.

Understand the market of each country in Latin America and fit your business to their specific needs.

Sell to Latin America by offering their favorite payment methods
Voucher Payments Credit and Debit Cards Online Alternative Payments

Ready to take your ecommerce to Latin America?

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