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Opportunities for e‑learning are emerging in Latin America

International companies of e-learning content, software, and services have easy penetration in the Latin American market. While the final consumers are looking for online options to enhance knowledge, huge corporations also look for foreign services to implement in the day-to-day of the employees.

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  • Language Courses
  • Tech and Programming Courses
  • Technical Skills
  • Master's and Post‑Graduate Courses
  • Specific Knowledge
  • Complementary Courses

Educational Companies who trust EBANX

  • Udacity
  • Open English
  • Duolingo
  • Aprendum
  • Cambly
  • EADBox

While large corporations are the biggest users of e-learning services in Argentina, schools are the ranking leaders in Brazil. In Chile, final consumers stay on top, and in Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, the government takes the lead.

The Education Industry in Latin America

In Latin America, there is a gap between what is offered by the educational system and the skills that are demanded by the market. Governments are dealing with this gap by providing computers in classrooms, while private schools are asking their students to bring in their own devices, and e-learning platforms are being hired from around the world from huge corporations.

Numbers that matter



of Brazilians would give up on an online purchase if the website doesn't offer their local payment methods.

Ebooks & Videos

are Latin Americans favorite content formats.

Brazil is the 3rd

fastest growing market in Latin America.

Corporations are also starting to use more content tools and platforms to upgrade the skill set of their workforce and to have a greater impact on the global economy.

Why do Latin Americans search for eLearning?


Reason 01

Second Language

Having a second language is a requirement in many Latin American companies. Sell your services to corporations or autonomous professionals.


Reason 02

Specific Knowledge

Within a continuously evolving workplace in Latin America, companies are demanding more technical skills from employees.


Reason 03

Master and Post-Graduate Courses

High prices of traditional degrees and postgraduate degrees in universities are making Latin Americans search for eLearnings instead.

EBANX Payment Solutions for Education Companies


Card tokenization allows you to charge a customer’s credit card on a pre-arranged, recurring schedule.

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Voucher Payment

Sell to young students who do not have a bank account or an international credit card.

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Increase sales of expansive courses by accepting monthly installments that fit your customer’s budget.

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EBANX offers a proactive and seamless Integration Process, for every type of business that ranges from No Code to Direct API.

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Many Payment Experiences.

Understand the market of each country in Latin America and fit your business to their specific needs.

Sell to Latin America by offering their favorite payment methods
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