Superlógica Xperience 2019

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June 6, 2019 - 09:00 AM


Royal Palm Hall
Av. Royal Palm Plaza, nº227, Jd. Nova Califórnia
Campinas, SP

EBANX will be on the stage of Superlógica Xperience

In its 3rdedition, the event will bring the digital transformation as the main theme, one of the pillars of the new economy of recurrence. For having companies able to create, to develop and to scale new businesses, delivering real value for people.

How to deal with too much information we are exposed to? What are the businesses of the future? What are the options for finding the best opportunities?

For contributing with the rich content of the event, our co-founder and COO, João Dell Valle, is the invited panelist to discuss “Management of Payments” along with André Baldini (CEO of Superlógica Technologies), and Roberto Miamoto (Business Director of PJBank).

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[[[ Jun 6-7, 2019 ]]]


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